What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Concrete Contractor

A decorative concrete project means serious business. It requires skills, equipment, materials and years of experience. In order to achieve the results you want for your concrete project, you need a licensed contractor. The search for the right contractor can be daunting. It helps to be prepared for some tedious research. To make it a little bit easier for you, here are the things that you need to know before hiring a concrete contractor.

Start with the Basics.

Having basic knowledge about the different decorative concrete applications are a great way to start. Read articles, visit blogs and do some research on what you think could be done for your project. Knowing what goes on in the process helps you prepare for a discussion with a prospective contractor. You don’t have to be too technical about it because it’s the contractor’s job to give you a more in-depth explanation.


The Importance of Insurance.

A licensed contractor should have two types of insurance: worker’s compensation and liability insurance. In the event that a worker is injured in your property, worker’s compensation protects you from getting sued. On the other hand, liability insurance is for property damage as a direct result of the contractor’s actions. It protects you from cashing out on the necessary repairs for the damage.


References and Reviews Matter.

The best way to tell if a concrete contractor is reliable would be through customer reviews. You can check for reviews online. Another option is to ask the prospective contractor if you could talk to two or three past clients for reference. If the contractor can’t provide this, that is probably a sign to look for a new one.

Subcontractors are a thing.

It’s possible that a potential contractor works on multiple projects at a given time. In which case, subcontractors from third parties are called on. It is a must to verify who will be working on your project and if you can expect consistency from them. If subcontractors will be involved in your concrete project, ask your contractor if they are covered by insurance.

A reliable concrete contractor can be quite difficult to find. Thorough research on a contractor’s credibility will help you avoid potential mishaps. Be equipped with enough information in order to make a confident decision. If you’re searching for a concrete contractor in Orange County or need more information on decorative concrete, visit our homepage or read on about the Top 10 Questions to Ask a Prospective Concrete Contractor

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