5 Concrete Patio Ideas for the Holidays

Christmas is in the air! The spirit of the season is evident, all thanks to the large Christmas sale banners at the local grocery, the festive display in shop windows, and the outdoor decor of all the houses you pass by. If you are feeling festive as well, let it spill out of your home. Extend your decor onto the patio for everyone to see. Not sure what to do? Here are some themed concrete patio ideas for you!

Traditional Red, Green, and White

If you love the classics, then it would be great to stick to tradition. Red, green, and white have been the traditional colors of the holidays ever since it has come to existence. You can choose decorative ornaments with such color theme or add potted poinsettias onto your concrete patio Orange County space.

Country Ranch Christmas

There is something about the countryside that makes Christmas more sincere and special. If you want that to show on your patio, gather tree branches for wreaths and pile firewood just beside the doorway, or near the fireplace or fire pit if you have one. Create signs on old wooden planks or boards that say “Joy to the World” or anything relative to the season. DIY stained concrete floors will also complement the decor while making the patio floor attractive all year round.

Sparkle and Shine

If you want a more outgoing and loud patio decor, then go all out with lights and sparkly decor. Sparkly ornaments and glittery garlands provide enough sparkle in the daylight. Lights, on the other hand, make the patio sparkle at night.

Winter Wonderland

When you check patio images online, it would often involve snow. Although winters are mild in some areas like Orange County, your patio can look like a winter wonderland with just the right decor. Use white ornaments on green Christmas trees to make it look like snow. Hang large snowflake decor on the walls or from the roof, if your patio has one. Display a sled or some ice skates by the doorway. You can even make a replica of a snowman with your kids.

Simple and Subtle

If you are not much on extravagant patio styles for the holidays, it doesn’t mean that you should not decorate at all. Simple accents can do a lot to stir the festive spirit in everyone. Add a green Christmas tree-shaped bush, a simple wreath, or just add red and green pillows on the patio chairs.

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