How to Apply the Knockdown Texture on the Concrete Pool Deck

A knockdown spray finish creates an incredible texture on concrete pool surfaces. Most commercial and residential pool owners fancy this technique. Expert pool contractors also prefer this technique because of the specialized tools that they get to work with.

The knockdown texture of a pool deck is achieved using an acrylic concrete coating. It is similar to the knockdown spray finish on walls and ceilings also known as stucco. For concrete floorings, it is sprayed onto the cement. It creates unique, irregular, spattered shapes. A trowel is used to knock down the sprayed coating on the top layer. 

It results in a dolloped or rippled pattern. When you touch or feel the surface with your hand or barefoot, you’ll sense a certain texture on the ground of the deck. This is distinct from pool areas. It does not only add aesthetic appeal. It also provides a high-resistant surface. The concrete deck’s traction increased, so; you got a less slippery surface, perfect for the poolside and other outdoor floors.

As experts in this field, the decorative flooring experts team guides you through how to achieve the knockdown texture.

Concrete pool deck with spray knockdown texture

The Tools Needed for Pool Deck Texture Coatings

1. Trowel

2. Hopper Gun/ Spray Texture Gun

2. Acrylic Concrete Coating Mixture

Classic texture concrete pool deck

The Steps of Applying Knockdown Pool Deck Texture

Step 1: Prepare the Floor

During preparation, assessment, and measuring, the flooring surface happens. A contractor will evaluate the condition of the slabs. If damages existed from the previous flooring, then repairs must be done. 

Preparation is crucial. The slabs should be neat and flawless. It will ensure that any coating or finishing applied will adhere to the top surface perfectly. Important to note that it is during preparation that experts need to start employing accuracy and precision. 

Step 2: Grinding

To create a seamless and polished layer for the coating grinding the floor is highly recommended. Most of the time, this step is often overlooked. If the desired design is textured, some clients prefer to keep the rough and raw cement surface. 

However, grinding the surface is a special preference of professionals. The ground surface will pave for a seamless coating. A textured spray coat will look even more evident.

Step 3: Spraying

To achieve the sprayed texture, the mixture is poured inside a hopper gun. As you could, spattered patterns can also be achieved in various ways. A professional installer can control the tool that will put out the mixture. There are multiple textures the sprayed mixture can achieve. For this reason, it is ultimately a must to let experts do the job.

Step 4: Trowel Down

After the coating is sprayed in this step and while it is still moist, a trowel will knock down the wet layer. This is why it gets its dolloped texture and pattern. Also, this is the reason why it is called the spray knockdown finish. 

Step 5: Finishing

Now, you have the main pattern or design for your slab. To enhance the look and make the pattern more noticeable, the knocked-down sprayed concrete is applied with a sealer. A clear coat sealer can be epoxy or acrylic-based. 

Another finishing technique that adds to the distinct and unique style is staining. You can request this from your contractor and get their expert’s approval.

That’s it for our blog on how to apply knockdown texture. If you love the idea but can’t find the time or motivation to start doing it on your decks finally, let us help you! We are a professional concrete pool deck contractor catering to Orange County CA, homeowners, and even those near the area. Check out our services or read about why concrete is the best pool deck material.

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