How to Make Your Pool Deck Slip-resistant

Slippery floors are very dangerous. Slips and falls can lead to fractures and serious medical conditions. Concrete pool decks are often exposed to splashes of water and puddles. This is why it needs extra special attention. Although it is crucial to remind family and friends to be careful especially with wet, bare feet, it is still strongly recommended to improve grip on the pool deck surface. Here is a list of methods you might want to try to make the pool deck slip-resistant.

slip resistant spray knockdown finish pool deck

Pool Deck Texture Coatings

These coatings aim to add texture to a concrete pool deck and improve traction. One popular choice is a spray knock down finish. This spray texture coating is sprayed onto a concrete surface and then knocked down with a trowel. The result is a non-skid trowel finish that is similar to stucco but less intense. If you are happy with your pool deck, you can apply a clear sealer mixed with fine sand or aggregate. This improves slip-resistance without affecting the existing look of the pool deck.

pool stairs stamped concrete

Decorative Concrete Overlay

Decorative overlays are meant to resurface existing concrete surfaces to either update it or repair it. A stamped concrete overlay is one good solution to slippery decks. This concrete overlay is applied thinly on the surface and then stamped with your desired pattern. It can be designed to look like natural stone, brick, tile, and other paving materials. The grooves that the stamping creates improves the grip, thus, making it slip-resistant. The great thing about this overlay is that it is easier to clean and maintain in comparison with the material it is substituting.

Pool Deck Mats

You can buy deck mats at almost any department stores. These are mesh-like mats that you can put on areas on the deck where foot traffic is heaviest. You can also put these in the pool and in hot tubs. These can be moved around to where you need it. The downside to this is that it can be awkward aesthetically.

Abrasive Tape

This is a quick fix to slippery pool decks. You can tape strips on slippery areas very easily. It adheres to anything including concrete pool deck surfaces. Just make sure that the surface is free from dirt or anything that could affect adhesion. This, however, is temporary. Because of the material it is made of, it can be prone to curling and peeling. You may need to replace them regularly.

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