Concrete Flooring Orange County: Residential & Commercial Surfaces

In a matter of time, your indoor or outdoor residential and commercial concrete flooring Orange County will need a fresher look. But instead of completely ripping up your flooring, you have an option to resurface or repair your flooring system. These days due to the advancement of materials, you can now choose from various options to ensure the best outcome for your property. Quality sealers should be one of the factors to consider for a long-lasting flooring system.

It is also essential to choose an experienced concrete company or contractor that understands the needs of your property to ensure quality results. Professional contractors provide viable recommendations that can enhance the aesthetics of your property as well as promoting the durability of the materials being used.

Remodeling residential or commercial flooring is a significant investment. Once in a while, every type of flooring goes through some repairs, remodeling, or home improvement. There is now a wide range of decorative concrete options for residential and commercial floors. And the best thing about it is that these options are reliable at the same time affordable.

To further discuss what type of concrete flooring in Orange County can be resurfaced or remodeled. Listed below are the indoor and outdoor surfaces you can transform into beautiful areas.

Outdoor and Indoor Concrete

Dull concrete flooring has served the areas of our home, such as pool deck, garages, patios, and driveways for many years. But these days, concrete is now considered as a viable material in today’s modern homes or business establishments. Concretes can now be etched, polished, or stained, providing an exceptional finish that suits any home interior or exterior designs.

A concrete flooring system provides several benefits for homeowners. The material is stain-resistant, energy-efficient, durable, low maintenance, and many more.

Concrete Pool Deck

Residential and commercial concrete pool deck needs to always be in good condition, and its design should always be according to your preference. A trusted company provides economical concrete pool deck solutions, such as stamped overlay and knockdown texture, that is ideally suited for your concrete surfaces needs.

Services offered for pool deck projects include:
concrete pool deck orange county

Refinishing and Resealing – If the pool deck has an existing overlay and needs retouching, the surface can be resealed or refinished. These affordable techniques give a faded surface look, upgraded outcome, and a better pool deck surface protection.

Pool Deck Resurfacing – This type of concrete repair is a method that can revamp your pool deck surface without the hassle of ripping up your outstanding deck.

The process is an application of a thin layer of cementitious material on the top of concrete. Depending on the desired outcome, this versatile material can be stenciled, stamped, colored, or even given a trowel finish. You can choose from a variety of colors, textures, patterns, and other artistic designs that can enhance and restore the entire look of your pool deck surface.

Crack Repair – Cracks often appear on any surfaces due to drying shrinkage, thermal movement, and other possible causes. Cracks are being repaired by opening the crack and filling them with flexible joint sealants. Afterwhich a Custom Scoreline Effects will be applied to cover the cracks and transform them into a decorative design.

Pool Deck Coatings:

You have several options in enhancing your commercial or residential pool deck. The use of paint is one of the most common options. However, there are two more options you can choose from that is more durable and cost-effective.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

This type of finish mimics the texture of tiles, stones, bricks, and slate through the use of stamped overlays. You can have these looks without having to replace your current concrete. It is a popular type of installation because it creates unique and attainable designs that can certainly match the overall look of your outdoor area. Overlays can be applied on a new or existing concrete surface, whether it is interior or exterior.

Spray Knockdown Texture

Spray texture coating provides the perfect protection from the hottest days and weeks of summer. This innovative material is cooler than the regular concrete; it is also made of non-slip material to keep everyone safe during pool parties or gatherings. It comes with a variety of designs, from colors, patterns, to textures, you can add a personal touch from your options to achieve your desired outcome.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway is prone to cracks and unsightly stains. But you don’t have to worry about it because you can achieve your driveway’s new look by resurfacing it. You don’t have to spend your money on expensive repairs that will not enhance the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial property. You can now choose to have your driveway resurfaced for a fresher look that stands out from the rest.

Concrete Driveway Options:
concrete driveway
Knockdown Texture
Another great option is resurfacing the area with a spray textured finish. This type of acrylic cement coating is made with durable, non-porous materials. The coating keeps the chemicals from penetrating the concrete.
There are many excellent arrangements of designs and colors that you can choose from. If you want to conceal the natural dirt coming from the street, the Classic Texture multi-color effect would be an excellent option for you.

Stamped Overlays
Concrete stamped overlays on driveways can bring a new look to your residential and commercial properties. The installation of an overlay is placed over the new or existing old cement surfaces. This types of material are extremely durable even if its constantly exposed to sunlight. Many modern and creative designs and patterns advancement can help you achieve your desired outcome.


This would be an excellent option for surfaces with an existing coating. If your original coating is still in good condition, you can request for your installers to retouch the color to create a fresher look. Your installers should let you choose from the comprehensive list of sealers and coatings and walk you through the best option for your driveway.


There are several stain options if you want your concrete to have a unique or specific feature, color, or texture of your choice. Two types of stains include water-based and acid stains. Each staining solution adds tone and depth to your concrete driveway.

Concrete Patio

If your primary goal is to restore and update the function, look, and lifespan of your concrete patio. Many companies, such as Decorative Concrete Solutions, offer services such as stamped overlay installation, staining, and spray down concrete surface solutions for both residential and commercial needs.

Home or business spaces such as patios can be enhanced and recreated. But most recreations come with features that need to be maintained regularly, which causes higher expenses that most homeowners avoid. Fortunately, due to modern technology, many concrete ideas are affordable yet durable. You can also choose from a variety of decorative designs that will suit your preference.

Repair & Resurfacing Concrete Patio Options:
stamped concrete patio orange county

The patio area is a standard part of a home property. While driving through your neighborhood, you usually see great aesthetics features and well-maintained patio spaces. Those incredible look can be obtained with low maintenance and more economical options, including:

Knockdown Texture – This type of surface is a spray-on acrylic system that is a great choice, especially when you are trying to achieve an appealing concrete finish. Contractors spray the mixture on the existing concrete surface, then trowel it down to the level and creates an appealing surface texture.

Concrete Staining – Staining method not only enhances the overall look of the outdoor spaces, but it also helps in improving the overall architectural aesthetic of the home. Acid stain or a water-based stain are the two options you can choose from when it comes to concrete staining.

Stamped Overlay – A stamped overlays for patios is one of the most popular options because it can be molded based on your preferred designs to achieve a paving material look. It can imitate natural brick, stone, cobblestone, pavers, and more. These types of overlay materials are durable enough to resist different weather changes. It is also easy to maintain and clean and very appealing to the eye. Other significant features include affordability and slip-resistance.

Garage Floor

Residential and business owners always want a property that is well maintained. However, no matter how people try to keep it look good, garage floor seem to acquire more damage as years pass by. But there is a more economical, affordable, and decorative way to make your concrete garage more durable without the hassle of ripping off your existing concrete and replacing it with a new one.

You can choose to resurface an old garage flooring; this option has been one of the most popular choices for both residential and commercial properties. And the two most recommended floor coating include epoxy and polyurea polyaspartic.

Recommended Garage Floor Coating Options:
garage floors orange county ca

For both residential and commercial owners who are looking for a more durable and high-quality coating, at the same time achieving a more pleasing garage look. Here are the two most reliable type of coating you can choose from:

Epoxy – An epoxy coating is a mixture of two primary materials, which is called resin and hardener. The mixture is then coated onto a well-prepared surface and evenly spread it through a roller.

The application would then have a sturdy surface that is resistant to any damage, such as holes, cracks, and unpleasant stains. Epoxy can also be customized with multi-colored paint of your choice.

Polyurea Polyaspartic – This type of material was initially developed for industrial surface uses such as warehouses, factories, airplanes, and hangars. It is now being used for residential and commercial properties because the owners asked for a durable coating that can be installed and used immediately. Polyurea polyaspartic quickly dries to an ultra-hard surface which can be installed for just a day.

Interior Floor

The concrete material is commended for its durability, that is why it is now a popular base material for home improvement and different construction projects. Due to modern technology and innovation, concrete has evolved into a more functional and versatile type of material for interior floor. Providing more viable options for homeowners to achieve their preferred aesthetics for their homes.

Floor Coatings and Overlays types:
stained concrete interior floors orange county

Concrete is now an ideal indoor flooring due to its durability, versatility, and its ability to keep an area or homes spaced cooler. If you are tired with dull-looking concrete. There are now several overlays and coatings that can be applied to the top of your existing concrete to make it look more appealing.

Epoxy Coating– Garage flooring should be oil resistant and should not have any grease. The garage flooring can be transformed into a more attractive and damage-resistant with the use of the epoxy coating. This types of project require a professional contractor to correctly and adequately install and cure the epoxy coating.

Polyurea Polyaspartic – This is an excellent alternative for epoxy and can be used in both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. Though it is more costly than others, it cures a rock-solid surface in just a day. Like epoxy, this type of material is easy to maintain. Its nonporous feature prevents grease, moisture, and dust from getting absorbed within the concrete. This material can also be customized through micro paint chips.

Stained Concrete – This is one of the simplest yet effective concrete solutions to enhancing plain and dull concrete into something more appealing.

While other coloring techniques are available, staining doesn’t add a new layer of concrete.

The two choices of stained concrete floors include acid and water-based stains. Acid stains create translucent earthy effects. The aesthetic often looks like natural stone or leather-like finish. On the other hand, water-based stains are non-reactive and leave a uniform, opaque color. This option is ideal for residential and commercial owners who want to integrate a pattern or design on their resurfaced floors.

If you have a concrete project inline for any purposes, Decorative Concrete Surfaces can help you achieve the designs, texture, and patterns you prefer for your residential and commercial properties. Our 20 + years in the industry guarantees you to acquire top-quality and long-lasting results that suit your needs, style, and budget.

Contact Decorative Concrete Surfaces at (714) 563-4141 to get started with your concrete flooring project in Orange County.


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