4 Steps in Keeping the Pool Deck in Shape Throughout the Summer Season

While maintaining pool water balance is highly important, it is also essential to give full attention to the deck around it. It, too, is an important element in the pool area. Cleaning and maintaining a concrete pool deck is fairly simple. However, it needs to be done regularly to catch any issue before it happens. This will help you keep maintenance costs at a low range. Proper maintenance will also help keep the pool area up and running throughout the summer season.

Routine Cleaning

This includes the regular cleaning tasks that everyone does, like sweeping off dust and debris off of the deck’s surface. If your pool deck gets used often, it is recommended to sweep the surface daily, at least in the morning. If not, then a weekly schedule is fine. But if you see a significant amount of dirt lying around the deck, you should clear it out before it hardens on the deck or creates ugly, stubborn stains on the surface.

Pressure Wash the Surface

If you do find stubborn stains and dirt on the surface of the pool deck, a pressure wash might be needed. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can use a fireman type nozzle with a 250 psi rating at the local hardware and attach it to a regular garden hose. While pressure washing is recommended, it should only be done when really needed. Frequent pressure could weaken the concrete deck or any coating it has on.

Inspect the Surface for Possible Pool Deck Repair

Once dirt and debris have been removed from the surface, walk around the pool deck, checking for any signs of damage. The most common indication are cracks. If you find some, do not immediately assume the cause. Hire a pro to have a look. This will ensure proper diagnosis. Plus, they would be able to recommend the proper pool deck repair method you should use. Other signs of damage are unleveled slabs, scaling, spalling, and discoloration.

Reseal the Surface

Sealing a concrete surface is necessary to protect it from damaging elements. However, concrete pool deck sealers often only last for about a couple of years or so. Resealing it when the pool deck looks dull is highly recommended. This will renew the protective layer and make the deck look shiny and new again, too. Make sure to use the exact same sealer you have used prior to avoid any adhesion issues or hire a pool deck pro.

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