It’s the middle of the year! Right now, you have probably made significant changes in your space. Have you changed your carpets? Remodel your bedrooms? How about that broken concrete in your garage? 


Then, you checked this post today wanting some tips to remodel the kitchen! Good news! Here find answers to “what is the trend in kitchen flooring? 


Trending kitchen floor does not always mean luxury vinyl tiles or expensive rare marble. However, the floors you provide to the kitchen area do not have to cut your budget.

Here is a preview of flooring trends that never get out of style, budget-friendly, and easy to maintain.


  • Concrete flooring
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Tile
  • Vinyl Tiles

Avoid repetitive styles. If you feel there is nothing more to kitchen floors, don’t worry. Flooring Orange County, CA, has more options!

2021 Kitchen Flooring: The NOT trending anymore

Before you jump into today’s list, see the ideas below. You DO NOT want to keep these outdated trends anymore. 

  • Farewell to Faux floors.  OC flooring contractors once loved to recommend faux flooring using stain. Staining methods to create marble-like floorings. But this idea is already outdated. There are many more innovative ways to satin and create stunning floors today. Find out what you can do with OC concrete staining. Keep reading.
  • Abandon All White. You may have seen in the past year how white was part of the floor trends. Coloring the space white is one way to brighten up spaces. But there are now more advanced tools and techniques to brighten up spaces. White looks clean, somehow. Aren’t you bothered how whites can also relate to the dead? You do not want just white if you need to relive this year!
  • Withdraw from Accent Walls. The millennials had revived the use of wallpapers. You can combine wall design with matching and coinciding with how the floors will look. But now you can draw away from old overrated papers on the wall. Want to know what’s better to begin to change this year?


Read further below. Here is the list of the natural trending kitchen floors TO DO right this 2021.

Decorative Concrete Floors

There are new and improved concrete floor designs—no more delays. Begin now with the first on this list.


orange county concrete stainingConcrete Staining. What is new with stained concrete? Get done with faux floors. Marble is now outdated. You can still use staining, though. 


Have you tried adding textures before you stain? Or resurface the concrete with a polished surface and mix your favorite hue of dye mixed into satin. You can innovate colors and try never-before-seen and heard color themes. 

Try the colors: Tenerife, taupe Moher, lime, and beige. These are related to neutral colors, yet they give a more subdued sense. Subdued colors blend well with staining. The translucent effect of staining concrete reveals a perfect match for muted earthy and darker shades of white and warm colors.


Subdued colors with a stained finish look delicate, warm, and cozy.


Epoxy flooring. Today when you hear concrete staining, you’ll also think of epoxy flooring. Both of these floor finishings are now popular outdoors. Patio, pool decks, and driveways can now have these decorative floor finishings. In addition, the epoxy is quick to install. 


Pool decks, for instance, finish with non-skid frieze patterns. Then, an acrylic spray adds a cooling effect to the outdoor concrete, making the surface cool under the sun. Finally, the resin coating seals the surface for waterproofing and resistance from chemicals.

And the last thing about epoxy flooring is its high gloss finish that makes the spaces brighter and neat. So, now you can choose epoxy flooring for your kitchen floors and living rooms to look polished and clean at every turn. Make sure to let an expert install the epoxy. Read tips for hiring a concrete contractor from the previous posts to lead you to the right team of installers.

Textured Concrete

Aim for the natural look this year. Open kitchens that are close to nature outside are what you now see across design and architecture resources. Now you can depart from the traditional and now boring all-neutral, single-themed kitchens. 


Instead of going for just colors, why not experiment and try playing with textures. 


Rough concrete texture gives a natural stone pattern to the flooring. Add pebbles or sand to create the classic stone look. This type of floor has a rigid core that is easy to maintain compared to the polished ones. In addition, the textured flooring will not let spills spread on the surface.


Lastly, textured concrete will never go out of style. This is so because you can do a lot of textures. You can even customize and create a unique texture that you can come up with.

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