When it comes to pool decks, the most common material used is concrete. Although it is durable, it is not really an ideal option. Fortunately, a knockdown texture orange county has become available for use on concrete pool decks. It is an acrylic concrete coating that is sprayed instead of applied on the surface. Why is it the most ideal of all pool deck texture coatings available today?

knockdown texture orange county


This coating is sprayed using a hopper gun and the sprayed material is troweled a bit to knock down sharp tips. This method creates a trowel finish that is similar to stucco. The difference with stucco is that the knocked down coating has a less intense texture. This makes it easier to walk on even with bare feet. The great thing about this texture is that it enhances traction, making the pool deck less slippery.


The acrylic concrete spray texture has this heat-reflective feature that keeps the surface cooler than other types of pool deck materials. Regardless of how long it has been baking under the sun, the coating is 30% cooler. This makes it even more comfortable for bare feet to walk on.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The texture of a knockdown finish is interesting and unique. It gives the pool deck a certain kind of appeal that is subtle enough to blend in with the pool area but textured enough to turn heads. It can be further enhanced by engraving or saw cutting. Another way to customize its look is through concrete staining. Although acrylic concrete coating comes in a few different colors, concrete stains come in a wider range of colors. You may also use it with other resurfacing systems like stamped overlays.


The most common myth about resurfacing systems like a knockdown texture is that it is not durable enough. Although only a thin layer of this material is applied on the concrete pool deck, it is durable and sturdy enough to stay put and last a couple of years or more. Moreso with a layer of concrete sealer.


Compared to tearing out the old concrete pool deck and replacing it with a new one, spraying it with an acrylic concrete coating is a lot more affordable. Labor and materials cost less and the maintenance required is very minimal. Although affordable, the quality, durability, appeal, and function of the pool deck itself are never compromised.

ft-hoindoor pool with spray knockdown finish
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