Techniques to Achieve Knockdown Texture with Thick Overlays

Nowadays, many homeowners are looking into decorative concrete. Los Angeles companies now offer different types of concrete floor overlay products due to their visual appeal, like the knockdown textures.

Many want to achieve a spray knockdown texture Orange County for their homes and businesses. And that top concrete resurfacing contractors makes the best spraying texture available for their pool deck or backyard concrete floors.

Why? Because it adds additional beauty by adding color and texture to your, and what’s more, the finish makes the surface of your floor cooler on hot summer days.
Using this knockdown texture, concrete pool decks will have peaks and valleys. These peaks and valleys will lessen the surface area where your foot comes in contact.

So how can you achieve a knockdown pool deck texture? You can start by looking at thick overlays.

What are Thick Overlays?

When it comes to textured concrete, many people think they need to hire a professional to achieve this look for their pool decks. But you can achieve it on your own using special techniques for decorative resurfacing.

Here’s how the pros would do it: first, ensure the mixing ratios are accurate. Too much water will weaken the mix design, then. Next, you have to move quickly when applying the product. This is to ensure consistency.

When it comes to concrete overlays, there are various options you can choose from depending on the color, component, and how thin or thick they can be applied.
So before starting your pool deck remodel or backyard project, you need to know the texture you need since overlays can be as thin as a business card or thick enough to create an impression using 3D visualization.

ft-hoindoor pool with spray knockdown finish

Do not apply if the surface is too hot or too cold. It’s best to accomplish your pool deck renovation project at air temperatures between 60° F and 70° F. These are optimal temperatures you want to work with.

Finally, ensure all tools are in good working order before starting. This includes cleaning the mixing buckets, the mixing drill apparatus, the hopper gun, the hose, the compressor, and the trowels.

Do the following in order so that no issues will arise.

You can also apply several techniques to make your concrete overlay stand out. Let’s discuss some of them below.

Thin Overlays with a Light, Smooth Texture

Thin overlays look great because they can work as a beautiful blank canvas for staining or using a paint roller to add layers of thin cement or micro-topping. Or they can also mimic small ceramic tile patterns like kitchen floors. This will give a low profile raised texture on the floor.

It would be best to have a slightly thicker texture depth to create concrete patterns in your outdoor patio or entertainment areas.

Broom Finish

If you wish to recreate that brand-new, freshly-poured concrete look, you can go for a broom concrete overlay. Do this using a literal broom. Smear the tip of the broom on the wet concrete. But a stamped concrete overlay will work best if you want custom-imprinted floors with dark textures of carved stone.

broom finish for concrete surface

Spray Gun Technique

Now comes the typical spray technique. It uses the spray gun to create a splatter texture. You can also achieve the orange peel look with this tool. Or you can achieve the knocked-down finish by using a trowel that presses down the curing mix.

spray gun for knockdown finish


No matter what your design entails, many companies nowadays can provide you easy access to project-specific overlay mixes to best suit your renovation project. 

But before you begin your pool deck renovation, make sure to check the information listed above for more details. Consider hiring an expert to create a picture-perfect knockdown texture on concrete.

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