Landscaping Around Concrete Patio: 4 Modern Ideas

A concrete patio designed into a romantic gazebo surrounded with green landscape

Concrete can look too straightforward and too sturdy to match any design, notably building the patio and other exterior floors. But with experts or help from those with an eye for design, landscaping your concrete patio is a breeze!

Take notice of accessible material around you. Twitch the plant arrangements. Then, try using old wood pieces or timber. It is easy to add features in your front or backyards.

Produce the best landscaping designs around your outdoor floors. Considering the natural elements, waterscapes combined with landscapes produce good contrast. Follow through this list of 4 home-friendly ideas to landscape residential and even commercial patios. Also, we added an extra for you. Read ‘till the end.

1. Add Steps and Elevation

Either you build around or dig around your patio. You can create an elevated spot to make the existence of the deck stand out. Get creative with your stamped overlays to build side steps on the edge of the patio. You can use this for adding plant stands or have these steps as natural stone accents. 

2. Porch Roofs

Turn your patio into a modern living room by adding porch roofs. With this accent, you can already go for various styles and materials to build from. 

There are stenciled wooden roofs. Or upright trellis, to hang-on a makeshift roof from old cloth or piece of blanket. Or sew together old linens to make a tent on a single spot in your patio. 

Adding some shade can be easy, and you won’t need to buy expensive materials. For more practical ideas, you can maximize the use of vertical gardening to set up hanging plants and vines to crawl on the trellis. 

3. Gazebo Effect

Besides adding shades or roofs, you can transform a regular concrete patio into a gazebo, especially for tropical climate areas. Add protection from the extreme heatwave and torrential rains. 

An outdoor space where you can stay for hours provides more than aesthetics. Turn this spot where you can relax and have quiet times. You can DIY a gazebo using timbers lying around your backyard. Or hire a carpenter to create a chic canopy.

4. Waterscapes and Water Vortex

Last, a real attraction for the patio this coming year is creating your own water vortex. It is now increasing in popularity. DIY water fountains can now be learned all over the internet. There are sources for you out there if you want to do this. And you should.

Try creating a modern outdoor library in your standard patio. Make use of decorative concrete as the foundation of all the ideas you want to work with. 

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