Canyon Country, CA DrivewayConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. provides a line of high-quality acrylic cement coating products and expert installations in the Canyon Country, CA area. Located in the scenic Sierra Pelona Mountains with views of the nearby San Gabriel range, Canyon Country is a beautiful community. The area enjoys warm weather year-around and many pleasant, sunny days. We have successfully installed protective cement coatings in this lovely area for many years. Based on this experience, we have tailored our services to meet the needs of area property owners.

Untreated cement surfaces can chip, flake, and crack due to exposure to sunlight, air, heat and rain. We can re-surface ordinary cement to add color and protective coatings. This process can convert a drab area into a bright and appealing outdoor living space. For faded installations with good remaining seals, we offer skilled refinishing techniques. In this process, we re-tint the area and improve its protective coverings. The result is a fabulous appearance in the owner’s choice of tones.

Cool deck coating is an ideal choice for pool deck and patio locations. Available in customized finishes such as brick and stone, this total resurfacing treatment can transform an area into a center for outdoor entertainment and recreation. It has slip resistance and ability to block chemicals and soaked in oil stains. It is an excellent and durable product for driveway and entryway applications.

At Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc., we invite questions from area homeowners about acrylic cement coating services. Please call (714) 563-4141, our staff is ready to answer any questions, respond to requests for quotes, and schedule free estimates. More information about our outstanding line of products and expert installations are available here in our website.