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Decorative Concrete Surfaces can take your Fullerton, CA concrete surfaces from drab to fab with staining products offered by such as acid stain and water based stain. While plain gray cement can be unappealing aesthetically, it can serve as a canvas upon which to create an amazing pattern and design that grabs people’s attention. When choosing to color a cement surface, you have the option to select an acid- or water-based stain or dye. Each one can create a durable decorative surface.

SunAcid creates a translucent mottled look. It can be applied over plain cement as well as a surface that already has a decorative coating. This unique interior and exterior application reacts with chemicals in the cement to create a permanent coating that will not crack or peel. A proprietary blend, SunH20 is a water-based polymer with liquid pigments designed to adhere to cement. The new look can be personalized or tailored to match architectural details in both residential and commercial settings. Either water- or acetone-soluble, SunDye is an economical way to transform an interior surface. This fast drying coloring system can used to produce a variety of hues. These high quality coatings can be used together or separately as well as stencils to create a pattern or logo. They also require little maintenance.

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