Fullerton,CA Patio Refinishing: Sundek Classic Texture

Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc., in Fullerton, CA, provides quality, non-slip surfaces through patio refinishing. Our deck resurfacing professionals use Sundek Classic Texture to create beautiful surfaces for any outdoor space. We help people with new decks as well as those seeking to upgrade an existing deck.

Many times concrete decks can crack or flake in the hot California sun. Our professionals can help by repairing the surface and applying a refinishing solution. With our concrete surface coatings, your deck will better withstand the harsh sun and other elements.

When you’re relaxing by the grill or next to the pool, you don’t want to burn your feet on cement that has gotten too hot. Non-slip Sundek Classic Texture surfaces stay cool to the touch on the hottest summer days. They also come in a wide variety of colors and designs so that our customers can select deck surfaces that best suit their individual taste and match existing décor.

Our experts can also help those with existing concrete coatings. Decks that have been coated with certain resurfacing products may fade or degrade over time. Our professionals are often able to breathe new life into these patios by re-coloring or resealing them.

If you need help restoring or creating a comfortable outdoor living space, give Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc., a call at (714) 563-4141. For more information about our services or to fill out a simple online questionnaire, visit our website. We look forward to serving you.


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