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Decorative Concrete Surfaces provides concrete staining services in the Garden Grove, CA area. We perform customized installations in residential and commercial locations. Cement staining is an important design and decorator tool. It yields remarkable color and depth, and it blends with many designs and styles. We offer a wide band of color choices and customized levels of gloss and reflective finishes.

We use advanced products and expertise to produce customized results.Acid stain fuses with the cement surface. The acids combine with minerals in the cement to produce bursts of color and random patterns of highlights. No two applications of Acid are alike. Dye infuses the cement surface with a saturation of rich and vibrant color. We can use it as a stand-alone coloring agent or in combination with acid washes to produce unique colors and shades. SunH2O is a water based product that offers precision coloring. We can use it to match colors and produce contrasts. It is an excellent application for high traffic areas, and we apply it indoors and outside in residential and commercial locations. Water- based stain is a popular choice; it is fast drying, durable and easy to maintain.

At Decorative Concrete Surfaces, we welcome calls and questions from Garden Grove residents about our exceptional concrete staining products and services. Please call (714)563-414; we are standing by to answer questions, respond to requests, and schedule free estimates. Customers needing price information on work planned for any area location can fill out a request for quote form here. Customer service is a top priority, and our commitment begins with the first Email or phone call. Please call or fill out a request for quote form today.


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