Unique Flooring Design With Concrete Staining

Decorative Concrete Surfaces brings beautiful surfaces to properties throughout your Huntington Beach community with cement staining. Our experts use three different coloring techniques from Sundek to create customized surfaces that stay fresh and bright. These solutions have been used on pool decks, patios, restaurant floors, basements, offices and driveways.

A pump-up spray technique is used to apply SunAcid, our acid-base cement stain. Next, our installers apply water to neutralize the acid before allowing the treated area to dry. This chemical treatment process bonds the stain directly to molecules in the cement. As a result, the color cannot peel or crack.

SunDye can be used along with SunAcid or alone, depending on the effect you want on your cement flooring. SunDye is soluble by both water and acetone, and our experts can advise you concerning the best options for your purposes. The quick-drying feature of this stain makes it particularly popular for customers who need to use cement surfaces shortly after having a floor finished.

Our water-based stain, SunH2O, can be used to color traditional cement surfaces as well as any type of overlay or cement refinishing. This pigmented water solution allows layering and offers bolder, more diverse patterns and color combinations than acid stains.

To learn more about concrete staining in Huntington Beach, CA, call our offices at (714)563-4141. To get your free estimate, simply make a request by phone or fill out the handy online request-a-quote form.


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