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Decorative Concrete Surfaces offers concrete staining services in the La Habra, CA area. We provide expert installations of a wide variety of colors and styles. Our customizable finishes can match any color scheme or design theme. The protective finishes provide durable surfaces and long lasting beauty. From wet-look gloss to metallic grays, we can meet the customer’s desired level of surface depth and reflection. We offer complete customization with deep, vibrant colors, and subtle shades and soft tones.

We feature high-quality Sundek products. SunAcid fuses to the cement surface by combining with the minerals. It is a remarkable product for the bursts of color and highlights from chemical reactions with the cement. Each application of SunAcid yields a unique pattern of colors and tones. SunH2O is a water-based, fast drying formula that provides precise color control. It is ideal for color matching and creating contrasts. It is an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor applications in residential or commercial locations. SunDye can be used alone or in combination with acid washes. It infuses the surface with a rich saturation of color. We can make blends and subtle tones with acid combinations to add depth and interest.

At Decorative Concrete Surfaces we eagerly await calls and inquiries about concrete staining products and services from La Habra area property owners. Please call (714) 563-414; we are standing by to answer questions, provide detailed product information, and arrange free estimates. For pricing information on planned work in the area, please fill out a request for quote form here. Customer satisfaction is a top priority. Please call or fill out a request for quote form today.


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