Decorative Concrete Coatings For Your California Home

Decorative Concrete Surfaces offers a variety of decorative concrete coating services to property owners in La Habra, CA. We can transform any surface by using one of our many cost-effective, versatile solutions, including overlays, staining, epoxy, acrylic cement coating, and polyurea polyaspartic.

For those who choose our La Habra decorative concrete overlay service, our skilled team will install a stamped cement pattern over the existing concrete slab, creating the appearance of high-end stone and woodwork. Overlay designs are a popular choice for driveways, patios, walkways, and entryways.

We also have water-based and acid-based stains to give unique coloring to interior cement floors. In residential settings, staining is often used in entryways, basements, and kitchens. Business property owners commonly choose staining for the flooring in their conference rooms, dining areas, and restrooms. Shades are available in browns, blues, reds, yellows, and greens. Staining is an excellent way of bringing an element of uniqueness into a building as no two stained projects look exactly alike.

Epoxy and polyurea polyaspartic are favorable options for commercial and industrial settings such as a showroom floor, garage, or locker room. These finishes are durable and do not scuff or scratch easily. Dirt is also less visible against surfaces that have been treated with these finishes.

We encourage residents and businesses in the La Habra area to visit us online and fill out our request form or send us an email. We are also available by phone at (714) 563-4141, where callers may learn more about our decorative cement coatings or schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate!

Our products can give customers the look of far more expensive materials at a fraction of the price.


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