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Decorative Concrete Surfaes has the expertise that is necessary in pool deck refinishing for residential homes and commercial businesses. We have been assisting people with their coating needs for years and are available to assist the residents at Lake Forest, CA.

We are a company that makes sure that Acrylic Cement Coating is done correctly for a pool deck. When an individual or a company does this type of work quickly, it can result in cracks and chipping not being addressed properly to the end that these problems will come back almost right away. Another side affect is that chipping or cracks may occur as a result of shoddy coating work. Our team does not take shortcuts when we take care of a pool deck coatings. To begin, we ensure that the surface that we are working on is clean and we take care of all the dirt that is there. When this has been accomplished, we will continue with the Acrylic Cement Coating that needs to be done. Some customers prefer a specific style on the pool deck. We understand that, and offer a variety of different options that will further enhance the pool deck as well as the home or the business. We want things to be perfect for all of our customers.

Contact our experienced team at Decorative Concrete Surfaces. We can provide residential and commercial owners with a free estimate on Lake Forest pool deck refinishing and various options that are available. To receive a free estimate or to learn further information about our services, call 714-563-4141.


Ready to resurface your pool deck to say goodbye to cracks, stains, and a dangerously smooth surface? We serve the greater Orange County area with cost-effective pool deck resurfacing options. We offer everything from microtopping and coatings to concrete overlays to completely revamp your aging pool deck.
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