Newhall, CA Acrylic Cement CoatingDecorative Concrete Surfaces. serves the Newhall, CA community providing acrylic cement coating products and installations. An old and established area of Santa Clarita, Newhall residents enjoy wonderful weather year-around. Outdoor areas are an important extension of residential living spaces. We offer services designed to meet the needs of homeowners in this beautiful Southern California region. We re-surface ordinary cement areas which flake, split, and crack from exposure to pollutants, intense sun, heat and rain. Refinishing is an excellent choice for old installations with good seals. We can re-tint the site and improve surface protections; this gives an old location a brand new look. We feature complete resurfacing with spray texture finish.

Ideal for pool deck and patio locations, offers customizable finishes which allow homeowners to choose the look of masonry, stone, aggregate effects, or tile. A leading choice is the popular Custom Scoreline which uses lines and color to blend repairs marks and seams into a pattern of tones and shades. After a complete transformation, the entertainment and recreation areas will draw praise and compliments from guests and neighbors. Chemical and oil stain resistance are important benefits for driveway and entryway applications. The treated surfaces resist spills, soaked-in stains, and dirt buildups thereby reducing maintenance costs.

At Decorative Concrete Surfaces, we are glad to answer questions from area homeowners and provide details about our acrylic cement coating products and expert Newhall decorative concrete installations. Please phone (714) 563-4141 today to arrange a free estimate on any residential repair, installation, or other service. You can also fill out our request quote form available here in our page.