Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc offers expert patio refinishing in the Newport Beach, CA area. With years of successful experience in this warm, sunny region, our skillful installations can add charm and function to any outdoor living space. The sunny climate of this ocean side area permits year-around use of outdoor areas. We understand the importance of maintaining the appearance and usefulness of it.

We offer an impressive line of high quality concrete overlay products, and we feature conversions with Sundek Classic Texture. We tailor our services to meet the needs of Southern California property owners. We spare no effort to meet customer needs.

We can refinish an untreated concrete surface to add color and surface protection. If there is an old or faded prior installation, we can reseal the area in the customer’s choice of color to revive the appearance and improve safety. We can produce a complete makeover with Sundek Classic Texture. This remarkable system will repair surface faults, add color and texture, and lower surface temperatures in extreme heat and sun. The textured layers improve traction in wet conditions. The depth of color and elegant design will amaze your your guests, and it will become a center for outdoor entertainment.

We  invite calls and inquiries from area residents about our patio refinishing products and services. Area residents can call (714) 563-4141 for information about repairs and installations. Our attentive staff is standing-by to answer questions and arrange free consultations. Homeowners can also fill out the convenient online request form. Our first class customer service begins with the first call or online contact. Do not hesitate, call or visit online to schedule a no-cost consultation today.