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Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. is the concrete staining company that can take care of a variety of indoor and outdoor cement surfaces that need a fresh look. We can add a measure of vibrancy and depth that was not there before. We provide excellent results for the people of Orange, CA.

A new stain application may be necessary for a  patio floor that has withstood constant foot traffic over the years. Although the cement is still in great condition, it may be time to get a new look that compliments the look of your home. We can come alongside of customers and provide a quality product. There may be an office or a kitchen, or a basement that has a cement floor that needs a new look. We are able to help with that. We have a number of products that gives a surface a beautiful look that stays wonderful for many years.

SunH2O stains the overlay or a surface itself. It is a great fit for exterior or interiors like a driveway or office. SunAcid is an acid base that is influenced by the elements within the cement itself. One of the benefits to this product is that it does not crack or peel. It can be used on interior and exterior surfaces. Our installers use a special sprayer to apply the application. Sundye is a great way to color cement. It can be used on many kinds of surfaces.

To find what is best for a home or business, be sure to contact us at (714) 563-4141. We have the cement staining solutions in Orange, CA that people need. People receive a free estimate when they call us. Call or email us today.


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