Rancho Palos Verdes,CA Acrylic Coating Cement for DrivewayConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. provides acrylic cement coating products and installations in the warm and pleasant Rancho Palos Verdes, CA area. We customize our services to meet every client’s situation. We provide economical, hard-wearing protection for outdoor cement surfaces, and skillful installation services.

An unprotected concrete surface can chip, flake, and split due to heat and weather conditions. We offer resurfacing to repair these areas, to add color, and to protect it against further damage. These treatments will enhance the appearance of the areas as well as improve footing in wet or dry conditions. For older, sealed installations, we provide resurfacing services. In this process, we re-color and re-seal the area. This provides improved surface protection and a like-new appearance for a drab and worn area.

For new or old surfaces, we feature total re-surfacing with the remarkable spray cool deck coating. It is a wonderful way to convert an ordinary pool deck or patio into an eye-catching center for outdoor entertainment and recreation. Available in custom finishes such as score line, brick, tile, or stone, it can transform an outdoor living space. Because it resists chemical and oil stains, it is an excellent choice for driveway and entryway installations. Its protective coatings prevent dirt build-ups and soaked-in stains and reduce maintenance costs.

We, at Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc., welcome calls and questions from area property owners about our acrylic cement coating installations. Please call (714) 563-4141 today, we have staff standing-by to answer requests and arrange free estimates. For more information about our outstanding products and expert installations, take time to browse our website. Do not delay, call today for solutions to concrete surface repairs and improvements.