Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Pool Decking : Acrylic Cement Coating

Decorative Concrete Surfaces offers pool decking installation services in the Rancho Santa Margarita, CA area. We provide expert installations, resealing, and repairs. We use high quality Sundek products to protect concrete surfaces, and improve the appearance and safety. We are the leading Sundek installers in the region.

From years of experience in the pleasant Orange County area, including Rancho Santa Margarita the newest city in the County, we know the weather and climate conditions. We can recommend services to improve the condition and appearance of poolside outdoor space. We can add textured surfaces that will provide excellent traction in wet or dry weather and mute surface temperatures for comfort against bare skin.

We can perform a total new installation or complete resurfacing to modernize a pool deck space. We use top-quality acrylic cement coatings to protect and beautify poolside decks in the customer’s choice of colors. For previous installations, we can reseal and add color to freshen the appearance. We can repair worn surfaces and seal cracks, splits and chipped areas.

We, the management and staff at Decorative Concrete Surfaces, encourage area residents to inquire about our pool decking services. Call (714) 563-4141 or fill out the convenient online contact form. We have experienced and courteous staff on stand-by to provide detailed information about our products and services. Whether reached by phone or online contact, we will arrange an inspection of any residential or commercial location and provide a free estimate.

Our company has a strong commitment to customer service, which begins with the first call or online inquiry. We perform work with skill and customer satisfaction is the goal of every engagement. Do not delay call or send an online message today to arrange a free estimate.


Ready to resurface your pool deck to say goodbye to cracks, stains, and a dangerously smooth surface? We serve the greater Orange County area with cost-effective pool deck resurfacing options. We offer everything from microtopping and coatings to concrete overlays to completely revamp your aging pool deck.
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