Santa Ana, CA Acid StainConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc., serving Santa Ana, CA, creates beautiful floors and cement surfaces with cement staining products from Sundek. Our artisans use SunAcid, SunDye and SunH2O together or separately to create a variety of custom effects for homes, offices, showrooms and more. Pool decks and driveways can look their best with these innovative products, and your business will take on a more professional appearance with gorgeous and durable finishes on all cement flooring.

The light, mottled patterns that result from application of our SunAcid stain are ideal for combining natural and light-colored aggregate effects. It can also be combined with darker colors from other cement coloring techniques for customized patterns and deeper hues.

SunDye is soluble in both acetone and water. For lighter colors with sophisticated mottling, water application is best. Acetone application renders deeper monotones and pairs beautifully with a SunAcid treatment. SunDye dries quickly and provides an easy solution for customers that need to complete flooring projects in a short amount of time.

Our water-based stain, SunH2O, is made of pigmented water solutions that can be layered for dimensional design and unique color combinations. Gradient patterns and many other decorative options can be achieved with this stain that cannot be achieved using acid-based stains. This stain is ideal for home interiors as well as showrooms and hotel lobbies.

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