Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. offers patio refinishing services in the Santa Ana, CA area. We specialize in remodeling, repairs, and concrete protective surface treatments featuring Sundek Classic Texture. We have successfully served this pleasant, sunny California region for years. The weather is warm year-around and outdoor areas are an important extension of living spaces. We can inspect a location and recommend improvements.

Sta.Ana, CA Patio
We tailor surfacing services to meet customer needs, and we can perform services to the customer’s requests. If there is an untreated concrete surface, we can resurface it with a customer’s choice of color to enhance the appearance and improve safety. When there is an old or faded prior installation, we can reseal the area to make it look like a new surface.

We can brighten with color and protect the surface. We recommend Classic Texture for a dramatic transformation of your patio and make remarkable results; This product can convert an ordinary space into the center of outdoor activity, a vibrant location for entertainment and recreation.

Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. is eager to show the benefits of its patio refinishing and remodeling services. We provide expert installation and repair services.

We welcome calls and online inquiries concerning our services and our line of outstanding concrete coating products including Sundek Classic Texture. We serve commercial or residential locations, offer inspections, and free estimates. Please arrange one today by calling (714) 563-4141, or by filling out a contact form on the company web site. Our experienced staff is standing-by to assist. We have a long-standing commitment to excellent customer service, and it begins with a call or email. Contact us today to arrange a free estimate.