Tustin, CA Driveway ResurfacingConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. wants you to know that the perfect solution for your concrete resurfacing needs is easily within your reach. Why settle for products that are incredibly expensive and require that you spend an entire weekend or longer trying to clean your cement surfaces? No matter how big or how small your problem is, you can use our acrylic cement coating.

When you live in Tustin, CA, you have to deal with a number of factors that can literally eat through a cement patio or driveway. If you have colored cement, you might find that exposure to the sun bleaches that color and makes it look significantly faded or dull. You also have to worry about pool cleaners, saltwater and even water from the rain or your sprinklers.

With Sundek Classic Texture, we can change the look of your cement in less time than you thought possible. As an acrylic cement coating, Sundek Classic Texture actually bonds to the surface of your patio. This creates a brand new surface that you can feel confident walking on every day of the week. One application will cover up any minor or major damage to your cement. We can use this product on your patio, driveway, garden path or any other cement area of your Tustin, CA home.

Get started restoring your cement areas with a call to our local office. Call (714) 563-4141 to discover more about our amazing product and how it can work for your home. You can also use our handy email form to contact us online with any questions or comments you might have. Reach out to us for your cement resurfacing today.