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Decorative Concrete Surfaces provides concrete staining and related installation services in the Westminster, CA area. Our skilled installation teams can transform the appearance of ordinary cement. We have solutions for indoor and outside spaces in residential and commercial locations. The stain process adds depth and sheen to cement. The range of colors and levels of gloss make it an ideal partner for any design theme.

We use high-quality Sundek products to add interesting features and color to cement surfaces. Our finishes add wet-look and deep gloss protective coatings. SunAcid adds rich color to cement surfaces. It has a remarkable quality for combining with chemicals in the surface to add bursts of color and highlights. Each application of SunAcid is a unique set of colors, blends, and highlights. SunH2O is a water-based formula that dries quickly. It permits precise coloring and is ideal for matching or creating color contrasts. This product works equally well indoors and outside, and it is a favorite for commercial and residential applications. SunDye infuses a cement surface with a deep saturation of color. It adds tones and depth to any surface. It can be used alone or along with acid washes to make new and unique color tones.

We welcome calls and inquiries from Westminster area homeowners about our concrete staining services. Please call (714) 563-4141, we have staff members waiting to assist orders, provide product information, and arrange free estimates. Please fill out a request for quote form here to get price information for work planned at your area location. We will respond promptly to all requests, please call or fill out a request for quote form today.


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