Yorba Linda,CA Patio Repair : Sundek Classic Texture

Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. offers home and business owners with the patio refinishing that is necessary for the exterior of their property. After all, a patio provides a great number of benefits to people throughout the course of the year. It adds value and style to the exterior of a facility. When the patio needs to be refinished, call us.

At times, a patio needs to be resurfaced. We would like to help with that. We offer a unique coating that is fantastic for patios in Yorba Linda and the surrounding area. We use Sundek Classic Texture, which is an acrylic cement coating. There are a number of benefits with using this application. First, it does beautiful work. In fact, people can choose from a wonderful variety of colors and designs that they would like to see on their patio. In addition to this, it is slip resistant, and this is especially helpful when a facility has a pool. Finally, it can keep the surface of the patio cool to the touch.

For some people, a patio has already been surfaced, but the style is quite old and needs to be replaced. We can recolor and resurface the patio in a brief amount of time. The result is a new surface that looks new and terrific. If there are chips or cracks, we can repair it and make it look new once more.

We invite people who need patio assistance to contact us to receive a free estimate. We offer patio refinishing services.Home and business owners can call us at 714-563-4141.


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