Longevity of Stamped Concrete vs. Normal Concrete

You walk around your patio lately and notice that you can use the concrete surface as a focal point to catch your attention. When you have a patio floor with more than 500 sq. ft. up to 1000 sq. ft., more or less, it is a perfect match for a stamped concrete application.

Stamped overlays are great for a patio, especially if the space would make a great piece of attraction. You may now ask a Stamped Concrete Contractor to beautify your backyards and garden areas. But before you do, you need to make sure of its longevity.

concrete patio with pergola, flowers and chairs

Longevity of Stamped Concrete

So, to resurface your patio floors with concrete stamping methods, you must focus on one crucial aspect. The longevity of the stamped patterns on the overlays is crucial for you to know. Being concerned about how long the stamps would last on the patio floors is vital, especially if you want to maintain the excellent appearance of your outdoor areas.

Also, knowing how you can achieve a long-lasting stamped patio floor will benefit homeowners in terms of increasing the value of their properties.

The longevity of the stamped concrete will depend on certain factors. These factors for keeping the stamps longer will result in the quality and craftsmanship of the decorative floor treatment given to the concrete floors.

Case Comparison of Stamped Concrete vs. Normal Concrete in Orange County

More information about the stamped concrete and regular concrete used for the patios is often needed. But as concrete resurfacing experts would reveal, thinking a typical concrete patio is the same as those with stamped overlays with the same lifespan is usually a mistake.

Let us look at this example from a patio owner with a concrete floor.

Normal Concrete Patio Owner in Orange County

The Orange County Stamped Concrete Rejuvenation worked with Mike, a patio owner. Eight years ago, he got regular concrete with a simple broom sweep finish. His neighbor also has the same concrete with a plain microtop finish.

Neither got sealers. Their standard concrete had been maintained well in eight years, withstanding animally litter stains, food stains like sauces and barbecue grease, and even impacts from hardware like hammers and screwdrivers.

simple and plain concrete patio with set of black chairs

Regular Concrete in Eight Years

Meanwhile, the concrete with plain finishing and only a few decorative sealers applied had survived. However, the owners would observe certain drawbacks they wished they had addressed earlier.

“The plain or the regular patio floor had been sturdy without glaring cracks. However, its dreary look is too apparent, “ says Mike, City homeowner.

“The patio floor with normal concrete with micro-topping can withstand typical outdoor damages like heavy dirt and stains. However, you can soon see how much wear and tear there is on the surface,” as witnessed by Dennis, Mike’s next-door neighbor.

Applying Stamped Concrete Overlays to Restore the Patios

Mike decided to apply stamped overlays on his home’s concrete patio.

The result astonished him more and so satisfied him. He also sees minor wear and tear after several layers stamping the concrete patio surfaces.

He also applied it to restore stamped concrete in his other properties, and it helped him increase the property value by having a lasting charm on the patio areas. It was easy to be the eye centerpiece of attraction for anyone eyeing a house to buy.

Stamped Concrete in Eight Years

“I have never seen a regular broom-finished patio floor not display a sign of wearing a bit, says George Anderson, an independent contractor. He shares a similar scenario in his note on StackExchange.com. Please take a look at the discussion he had with a customer in need.

Like him, other experts from Stamped Concrete Orange County appraise the benefits of stamped concrete, especially if you are planning to live on your property for the long term. When resurfacing the regular patio with concrete stamps, the patterns add a considerable effect that elevates the home’s appearance by decorating the floors.

“I am willing to pay the extra amount that the stamped concrete resurfacing would cover,” Mike decides finally. As a homeowner, he also wants to share this good news with others. Moreover, if you are planning to stay in a property for the long term, and eight years is already a considerable amount of time, this shall make you choose stamped concrete.

Stamped for Lifetime

If you are looking for a lifetime investment for your home improvement, your stamped concrete will give you more than you ask for.

It is an excellent lifetime investment that you can add to your properties and increase their value over time. They were created to look like other materials like other natural stones, so integral colors are a natural part of the process that rejuvenates and revives the charm of a worn-out outdoor floor.

Be sure to consult with a Stamped Concrete Contractor and our resurfacing experts to learn more about the longevity of concrete floors finished with stamps!

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