6 Luxurious Yet Affordable Pool Deck Must-Haves

When the temperature in Orange County reaches the hot and dry level, there is no better place to spend the long hours than in the backyard pool deck. In the past, you have to be very well-off to be able to make the pool area a lot cooler and fun. Thanks to the internet, searching and shopping for luxurious yet affordable pool deck material and accessories have become such a breeze.

modern pool deck, palm trees and an orchid plant

Cooler Pool Deck

Most pool deck materials get hot to the skin when exposed to intense sunlight. This is the reason why many choose concrete. However, although it is a lot cooler, concrete does not necessarily look luxurious, does it? The solution: swimming pool deck resurfacing. An acrylic concrete coating that uses a spray-down method is a popular option. It maintains a cool temperature, increases slip-resistance, and makes the deck look more appealing.

Relaxing Daybed

Who says you need to splurge on a private cabana? Just take an old bed, dress it up with waterproof cushions, and position it where the sun barely hits. Now you have a cozy space to snooze without the pain of sunburn.

daybed on the pool deck with flowers and plants

Entertaining Sound System

It is much more fun lounging outdoors when you got some music with you. No, you don’t have to buy those big, waterproof, or floating speakers. Just plain computer speakers and your phone will do. Make sure to place it where any plastic component won’t melt or anything.

Floating Drink Holder

Take your drink with you even when you floating or swimming in the pool. A floating drink holder holds a glass of cool drink effectively and they look oh so cute.

Custom Hammock

Scrap the traditional type of hammock and make one that provides the exact comfort and relaxation you need. You could create a mega hammock that can fit up to ten people or you could create a hanging wicker hammock that can fit cushions and pillows.

Convenient Cooler

A cooler is such a helpful item out in the pool deck. It keeps your drink cool and accessible so you won’t have to run inside every time you need a refreshment. A mini outdoor fridge may be this convenient, too, but imagine how your electric bills would flare up. Not cool.

Summer should be fun and exciting, not inconvenient and expensive. There are many affordable stuff out there that can substitute high-end stuff without skimping on the benefits it provides. Want to know more? Check out our next blog about planning a pool deck resurfacing project.

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