4 Ways to Make Your Pool Deck Ready for the Holidays

Holidays in Orange County often involve light rains and cooler temperatures. The swimming pool area may not be an ideal venue for Christmas or New Year parties but it is still best to prepare it for the Winter season. Here are some ways you can make the pool deck ready for the holiday festivities and December weather:

Resurface a Concrete Pool Deck

Adding a coating or overlay on an existing pool deck will do more than just improve its visual appeal. Swimming pool deck coatings help protect the existing slab, thus, extending its lifespan. Resurfaced decks are easier to clean and maintain. If you do decide to throw a party by the pool, there are textured coatings that make the deck more slip-resistant. Popular options are stamped overlays and cool deck coatings.

Add Festive Decor to Commemorate the Holidays

Just like you would decorate the patio or porch, the pool area deserves the same treatment. You can add garlands along railings or walls. You can switch to green and red pillows or tablecloths. If you have a cabana, adding Christmas decor would be easier. If you have an outdoor fireplace, hang some socks on it. You can even set up a Christmas tree right on the deck. Just make sure that it is secure and not too close to the pool.

Let Christmas Lights Shine on the Pool Area

Hang some lights on trees, if you have some, or along the eaves of the roof. Make sure to choose LED lights as these are safer and consume less energy than traditional lights. The lighting not only makes the outdoor space more reminiscent of the holidays, but it also creates an enchanting and more glamorous space to meet the new year. Floating candles create enough drama to make the pool area more magical. Just make sure that no one will be swimming in the pool while the candles are lit up.

Seal the Deck for Extra Protection

Since winter in Orange County involves more rain than snow, it is highly recommended to keep the deck protected from damage caused by rainfall. Sealing a concrete or wooden deck makes it less porous. This means water or moisture can’t penetrate the surface and wreak havoc from deep within the deck. There are many different types of sealers. Consult a pro to make sure you choose the right one that best suits your needs.

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