Is A Metallic Epoxy Floor Right For Your Garage?

We’re sure you’ve heard of epoxy flooring. We’re also sure that if you read our blog, you know its benefits as a garage flooring material. But there’s a new kind of epoxy going around that we want to talk about: metallic epoxy. And no, we don’t mean actual metal in your epoxy floors. We mean epoxy flooring with a metallic effect coming from metallic pigment mixed into the resin and a high shiny gloss over it. People seem to love it – it has extended its range from to just being inside a garage to now being inside bedrooms and living rooms.

It’s a new trend and it makes for a pretty pleasing sight while supposedly still offering the same benefits of epoxy we know and love. But is it right for your garage? Here are things to consider:

metallic epoxy garage flooring

It will be an eye-catching part of your garage

How many times have you walked into a garage and been completely underwhelmed? Probably too many times to count. If you’re looking for a way to add an unexpected impact to your home, this might be for you. Hiding a beautiful metallic epoxy floor in your garage only to be revealed when you casually show your guests something in the garage is one way to amaze!
The floor itself has great visual impact, but…

blue metallic epoxy flooring

It will be harder to style

Metallic epoxy flooring comes in a variety of colors and while this is great for customizability, it means that if you fall in love with a blue metallic epoxy floor, you will have to decorate the rest of the garage to match such a strong sight on the floor.
If this is something you’re looking forward to, then go for it, but if you’re the type of person who wants something simple then the option of clear epoxy flooring also exists.

epoxy garage floor

It still has all the same benefits of epoxy flooring

The great benefits we all love about epoxy will still be there with metallic epoxy flooring. You can count on the fact that contractors who offer the choice of metallic epoxy also offer a whole other range of great customizable options: slip-resistance, microbial resistance, and other things.
So if you’re worried about losing something when you choose metallic epoxy over normal epoxy, we hope this has eased your worries.

Reapplication is a little more complicated

It is a simple fact of life that we will all have to replace, reseal, or simply reapply all the flooring we own. Epoxy flooring usually has a pretty simple reapplication process: the floor is cleaned thoroughly, dried, then a new layer is applied. That’s for normal epoxy.
But when your floors have a unique and more complex design, the process may be more complicated (and more costly). We recommend talking to your contractor about the issue of reapplication before you get the floors installed.

In conclusion, metallic epoxy flooring isn’t for everyone. But if you love the look of a more unique floor and still want the benefits of an epoxy floor, metallic epoxy is a great choice to make! Planning to get an epoxy floor for your surfaces? try us at Orange County Decorative concrete! We’d be glad to help you!

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