Pool Deck Paint vs. Pool Deck Stain

Planning to give your concrete pool deck a makeover? Revamping a pool deck doesn’t necessarily require expensive materials and complicated work. There are several options you can explore, but two of the most popular are painting and staining. Before deciding between pool deck paint vs. pool deck stain, let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Pool Deck Paint

Paint and concrete are almost always inseparable. Paint is the most popular material used to add color to any concrete surface. It comes in a wide range of colors you can mix and match depending on the needs of the surface and your preference. You can also customize patterns and designs for aesthetic reasons. Painting is one of the easiest ways to apply color to your concrete pool deck. It dries to an opaque finish, covering up unwanted stains or blemishes on the concrete pool deck. Using paint to the pool deck can be quite messy, so ensure that surrounding areas are covered.

Pool Deck Stain

Another method widely applied to give life to concrete pool decks is staining. The concrete stain may come in acid and water-based variants, each with a different purpose. If you want to create a marble-like effect on the concrete, use acid stains. If you want a plain, more consistent finish, use water-based stains. Color options are also different between the two. Water-based stains have a wider range because it does not involve any chemical reaction. Acid-based stains on the other hand give you earthy natural tones that penetrate the slabs chemically.


What's the Difference Between Concrete Stains and Paints?

Although paint is popular in concrete surface enhancement, it does come with some disadvantages.

  1. It creates a thin film of color on top of the concrete deck but is not absorbed by the slab.
  2. It traps moisture in, and when that happens, the layer of paint can separate from the balcony, causing issues like bubbling, flaking, and peeling. 

On the other hand, using stains barely comes with any cons. Compared to paint, it penetrates deep into the concrete, creating a longer-lasting color that doesn’t fade, peel, or flake off.

The Verdict

Staining a concrete pool deck is not as simple as painting it. But worry not; the solution is to hire a professional to apply the stain. Before applying stain, make sure to apply deck coating to your concrete pool deck to avoid premature repair or replacement. It also creates non-slip surfaces, making your pool deck a lot safer. To protect your concrete pool deck from water damage and avoid dry rot, mold, and mildew growth, make sure to use a waterproof deck coating.

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