The Perfect Season for Pool Deck Repair & Remodeling

Swimming season is over and the chilly winter season is fast approaching. The cover on the pool is a good indication of that. While waiting for the actual chill to set in, why not make use of this precious time to remodel the pool deck? This will give you enough time to revamp the space and make it ready when summer comes back around. Here are cool things you can do to make your pool area a lot more enjoyable and appealing than it already is:

Improve Safety

It is inevitable for a pool deck to become slippery with all the splashes of water involved. If you know that your deck can get pretty slippery when wet, there is a great way to make it a lot safer. There are pool deck overlays that feature textured surfaces which help increase slip-resistance. A concrete overlay can be stamped with paving patterns like natural stone, brick, and tile. The shallows grooves enhance grip on the surface. A spray texture is also popular for pool decks. Similar to stucco, this coating is sprayed on the deck and then later troweled to flatten the sharp tips, creating a non-skid and comfortable walking surface.

Add Style

Tired of the pool area’s theme? Then change it. Pool deck coatings can be installed on any existing surface. These come in a variety of types, colors, and patterns, making it easier for you to acquire the exact look that you want. You can have a natural stone deck without using actual stones. A stamped flagstone or travertine surface with hand-stained colors will give it a natural look at a more affordable cost. You can even stain the concrete pool deck with designs or images that mean something to you or something that matches or complements your home.

Repair Damage

Pool deck repair is definitely something you should do before winter comes. This will put your deck in a state where it would be durable enough to withstand extreme weather. Any gap or crack on a concrete pool deck could be a passageway for water to make its way further into the slab. Any moisture in the slab could freeze and thaw as the weather changes, expanding and compressing like crazy until pressure on the concrete causes it to weaken and crack. Decorative coatings and overlays can effectively repair surface damage and cover up blemishes.

stamped concrete pool deck
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