Attractive Spaces and Places to Visit in Orange County for Tourists

By its name alone, Orange County brings a lot of color to anyone’s life. That is why all the places in Orange County are beautiful and fun.


Local business owners always seek the best solutions to improve commercial properties in line with their tourism potential. One is through enhancing their interior spaces.


In this blog, you will learn how to improve your business look. Take inspiration on why these are the next Holiday destination for 2023 and what makes them worth the visit.

Commercial Attractions In Orange County

If you want to make your spaces feature Instagrammable travel spots, this blog will tell you where to go and what makes them unique.

The Original Disneyland

This is an absolute dreamland for many people around the world. They have a lot of life-sized Disney characters, shops, and buildings that look like they came from fairy tales.

Have you ever wondered what makes this place extra dreamy? What do they use in their optical illusions floor and arts? 

They use stenciled and concrete stains! Who knows? Their design might inspire you to design your own flooring at home. That may be a way to remember “The Happiest Place On Earth.”

Now that you know, you can go ahead and look for a concrete staining contractor near you. Check out their concrete floor stain options in Orange County and be inspired to make designs for your spaces.

orange county disneyland

Knott's Berry Farm

A place with a lot of history is just a few miles from Disneyland. In the 1930s, Walter and Cordelia Knott’s business did very well. People liked Mr. Knott’s boysenberry stand and his wife’s fried chicken. 


They built a ghost town with a western theme and rented village fair rides and attractions to attract more people. And thrill-seekers will love the exciting roller coasters there.


In 1932, Knott’s Berry Farm first opened near Anaheim. Knott’s Berry Farm has a Western theme, with walls and floors designed in classic American cartoon colors.

entrance of knott's berry farm

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Saint Junipero Serra founded Mission San Juan Capistrano in 1776. It is a historic site, chapel, and museum called “the birthplace of Orange County.” It is a beautiful place where everyone can learn about the early history of California. 


“Jewel of the Missions” is what they call it because of its ethereal gardens, well-maintained surfaces, and artifacts of the buildings. Of course, with the help of stains and sealers, they brought back the site’s original beauty.

mission san juan capistrano chapel

Richard Nixon Library

Suppose you’re interested in politics, history, or museums. In that case, you should spend a half-day at the Richard Nixon Library and Museum. 


Richard Nixon, one of the most divisive presidents in American history, quit his second term because of the Watergate scandal. The exhibits in this building are well-organized and use videos and audio, to tell the truth about him.


Nixon’s whole political life is shown in the exhibits, from his trip to China to the end of the Vietnam War. In one room, you can see the first lady’s original clothes. Needless to say, with many visitors, every surface has to be in one piece and protected.

richard nixon library in yorba linda

South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza is the first-ever shopping mall in California. And it is a dream come true for many fashionistas because it’s home to luxury and mainstream clothing brands. 


There is also a lot of dining outside, which is always open to the weather. This means that things like flooring need to be strong. So, they use strong, sealed, and stained concrete to make it look better.

south coast plaza mall outside

How does Decorative Improvement Help Commercial Companies?

These commercial buildings greatly benefit from many interior projects and decorative solutions. You can start by checking out concrete floor stain options in Orange County and take your pick of which colors and styles best suit the motif in your property. 


It ensures that customers have a high-quality experience and that staffs have a safe workplace. Overall, with beautiful concrete, companies can take pride in the architecture of their establishments.

A Safe And Colorful Trip

Finding yourself drawn to these seemingly perfect getaways? Get back on your feet! Experience Orange County land to the fullest! 

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