Pool Deck Designs Fitting for 2022

Are you getting ready for your pool deck remodeling? You are just in time to check the latest blog on the best pool deck designs fitting for the year 2022. Know the trends that would take this year by storm. 

2022 Swimming Pool Deck Designs

Your outdoor living spaces must allow you to relax and have time to spend with serenity, peace, and calm. 

Design and construction resource Architectural Digest introduce the concept of authenticity and personal growth to translate into your style at home. Let these be your guide principles in styling and improving your outdoor living spaces.

From preserving a traditional pool house look with slate stone decking to renovating the outdoor pool house with elegant pool decks, you can surely bring the authentic style around your pool house. 

Here are rising trends among residential and commercial pool decks.

1. Raw and Rectangular

Keep it raw and conventional with rectangular pool decks. This style remains an easy choice if you want to bring elegance into your commercial private pool house. 

Use random slate stone or design the decks with stamped concrete with random cut stone patterns. The slate’s irregular no-liner outline perfectly contrasts to a monolith rectangular swimming pool.

2. Custom Gates for a Sense of Privacy

You may not do anything with the decks or the concrete structures on the ground, but you can add style to other features such as vertical enclosures and walls. These are often undermined accents, but once you find a perfect style that will fit your backyard themes, you find an absolute stunner. 

A vertical structure that opens and closes going to your pool area adds drama. Opening and closing a gate gives you a sense of grandeur walking into your mini paradise swimming area.

pool deck with fence

3. Swimming Pool Patio

2022 is the year of growth, innovation, and development. Since staying at home for work became a trend, people became smarter in what they do.

One smart move nowadays is to combine two different things in one setting. The patio and the pool house area seem separate entities among homes. Nowadays, property owners are more practical in their choices. Why not combine patio and backyard swimming pool? 

Now you got a patio swimming pool.

You can now combine a living-zen-room-inspired patio with pebbled center flooring with a typical square swimming poo decide it. Enclose both parts with single open roofing with wooden or textile shade for a subtle relaxing mood.

4. Outer Image Pool 

One of the innovative modern pool designs today is the outer image design. Check out this example from Houzz. The pool floor emits an image using colored concrete and eld light. It forms a wholistic visual appeal when the night comes, and all the light turns on surrounding the entire facility. 

With green coloring reflected from the water inside the basin, the image coincides nicely with the wooden, west-side theme of the backyard. 

This design approach teaches you to think out of the box. The design does not have to be complex. You can use the materials from the exterior to play with what goes on inside the pool interior. 

These pool deck designs are possible through a local concrete contractor. Contact yours today and they will help you with every pool deck needs you have.

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