5 Tips that Will Help Spark Pool Deck Ideas

The internet is full of inspiring stories and images about pool decks. But do you ever feel like those decks you see online are almost too good to be true? While this is not the case, surely, it is important to formulate ideas that are suitable for your needs. Choosing a design just because it looks good online does not often work out well. Get all the inspiration you want on the web but customize it so that every single detail is designed appropriately for you. Here are some tips to help you come up with resurfacing pool deck ideas that are suitable for you:

Start with the Basics

Before you think about fancy features, plan the basics first. Consider how much space you have in your backyard and how much of it are you willing to turn into a pool deck. Plan the type of material you want and the design concept you are going for.

Make a List

List down everything you would want to see on your pool deck. Just keep listing as you think of something. When you are done, sort it with doable and those that are not doable.


Then filter the list again, crossing out those that would require an exorbitant amount of money or too much work.

Complement the House

The pool deck is supposed to be an extended living space.


However, if it gives off a look that is completely different than that of the house exterior, it may seem like a disconnected element that somehow found its way into your yard.


Also, make sure that the size is scaled according to the size of the house and the property as a whole. Imagine how a large multi-deck would look beside a small cottage home.

Be Design Creative

There are many designs out there but you don’t have to choose a pre-made one for you. Play around with free deck design software to help you reimagine the pool deck.

Explore the different materials, concepts, and add-ons until you find one that just might work for you.

Check colors, too, and try out fun ones. You would be surprised at how you think one color is too much but, when you try it out on a 3D designer, goes to prove that it actually looks great.

Getting concrete pool deck experts are also an option for those of you with no time or talent to put into being art-sy. Since they’ve been in the industry for years, you can bet that they will know what they’re doing.

Go Portable

If you want portable pools and decks, then go for an above-ground type. If you have a fixed pool and pool deck, choose portable accessories. This way, you could easily move them around if you want a new look. Plus, it’ll be weather and holiday-ready!

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