Pool Deck Layout: Knowing What Works, Works!

Have you ever dreamed of having your own backyard pool installed? Or if you already have one, have it remodeled? Well, no one can stop you from following your dream. However, don’t be all too excited to rush the project. Whether you are planning on a new installation, pool deck resurfacing, or a complete makeover, it is important to have a layout plan ready. Don’t just rely on trends or trying to surpass your neighbor’s pool. Choosing a pool deck design depends on a few very important factors.

infinity pool

Available Space for Pool Decks

Space should always be on the top of your list. You can’t dream big and have that fit in a few square meters. Take a chair, sit down, and look at your backyard space or your house’s blueprint, if you have it. Then, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much space are you willing to use for the pool?
  • How much deck space would you need?
  • What other features would you want to have on your backyard?

If you have a clear idea on these, list them down and present them to your chosen contractor so you could discuss further.

Accessibility of Amenities

You would not want to have to walk far and wide to reach a pool deck chair, would you? Having the necessities close enough for access is very important. But make sure that it isn’t too close that it would get exposed to water splashes. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you might want to have it a little farther from the pool to discourage eating on the pool itself, but close enough for people who are not swimming to hang out and cook while having a conversation with the swimmers.

pool deck with chairs and table

Type and Frequency of Usage

If you have kids at home who use the pool a lot, it must be safe enough for them to do so. You may want to consider a pool deck resurfacing project to have a cooler and more slip-resistant surface for the little swimmers to walk on. Steer clear of bathroom-type tiles and other “slippery when wet” materials. Some of the most popular and highly recommended resurfacing options are:

  • Stamped Concrete
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Exposed Aggregate on Concrete

Deciding on Your Pool Deck Budget

You don’t have to skimp on features if your budget is really tight. There is a variety of cheap alternatives for a luxurious look, concrete overlay pool deck cost can vary. For example, if you need a pool deck resurfacing done and you want the look of natural stone, you can opt for decorative concrete that resembles the look of flagstone. You may also use your existing plants and reorganize them to enhance the look of your pool.

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