5 Pool Deck Remodeling Ideas

Having your own swimming pool area is a great way to enjoy the warm sun and the cool water right in the comfort of your own property. However, if it looks drab and ugly, it can be very difficult to enjoy it and to be comfortable in using it. One way to improve the look and comfort is to improve concrete swimming pool decks. No matter how exquisite pools are, the surrounding areas can influence its overall appeal. Here are some pool deck remodeling ideas you may want to try out.

Add Vibrant Colors in the Right Places

A pool deck can be quite boring if it only features the colors of greenery, wood, and concrete. Don’t let the pool water be the only color standing out. It is understandable for some homeowners to be frightened of using vibrant shades because it may look overdone, but a few pieces here and there can make the area pop. You may add colored lanterns, a colorful wind chime, or some flowering plants in colored pots or vases. You may also add some colors in furniture by painting them or adding some bright pillows.

Think Pool Deck Safety

Running or walking swimmers and a wet pool deck is a dangerous combination that is if pool deck surfaces are slippery. Instead of adding mats or some textured tape on the deck, which adds to your maintenance duties, opt for a pool deck refinishing service. Have your deck coated with a sealer that has some grits or fine sand to add some traction on the surface, even when wet. Also, if there are pits, cracks, or sharp areas on the concrete surface, then it needs pool deck repair immediately in order to avoid any accident. For cracks, custom scorelines may be added to disguise cracks, give room for concrete to expand or move, and also to add a decorative flair.

Orange County pool deck resurfacing

Liven Up the Surroundings

What better way to liven up a pool deck than to add softscape? Plants immediately make an outdoor space livelier as it moves with the wind and reflect the rays of the sun. You can build flower boxes or add landscapes if you can shell out some extra bucks, but if you are on thrift mode, potted plants will do. You can even get more creative by using old bathtubs, wagons, crates, or any other reusable containers for your plants.


Build Functional Features

When thinking of adding a feature that would enhance the look of your pool deck, make sure that it is something functional as well. This way, there is a greater purpose than just visual satisfaction. For example, add some built-in seating elements, a fire pit for warmth or barbecue, a waterfall or fountain for relaxation, and more.

Enhance Pool Deck Surfaces

A pool deck resurfacing is highly recommended because it totally upgrades the overall look of your pool area while making it more valuable and safer. There are economical ways to do this, such as applying a concrete pool deck coating or overlay and then customizing it to look like a more expensive surface, like flagstone or brick pavers. This decorative concrete service requires minimal maintenance and costs less than other flooring materials.

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