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Whenever you look out at the pool area, the first thing you often notice is the swimming pool itself. While it is the highlight, the pool deck, coping, and patio also play a huge role. You can’t just go from a doorway or a walkway directly into the pool. There should be a landing, a place for walking, lounging, and furniture. Besides, the pools in the backyards are a place to relax, have a barbecue, throw a party, have fun, exercise, and come together with family and friends while basking in the sun. Aside from function, a deck should also be entertaining and visually stimulating. Something that would enhance the look of the whole pool area. Something that will make the pool look like it is saying, “Come hither, take a dip, swim for a while”. 

This can be done, even with existing concrete pool decks. Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. is a leading decorative concrete company in Orange County, CA that specializes in pool deck crack repair, refinishing, and resurfacing projects and related services. We have over 30 years of professional experience in transforming old concrete decks into wonderful and functional works of art. 

Benefits of Resurfacing Your Residential & Commercial Pool Decks

It is not uncommon for some property owners to doubt the reliability of concrete resurfacing. Resurfacing is a budget friendly and timely option to not only repair and cover up any existing damage but also to rejuvenate the entire look of your pool area! The mere fact that only a thin layer of new material is installed on an existing deck seems disconcerting. However, you would be surprised at how durable it is and how efficient. In fact, it is a trending remodeling option in both residential and commercial pool decks. Here are notable reasons why:

Resurfacing is a simpler and more inexpensive method of revamping an old pool deck. Costs may vary based on several factors but it is a more affordable option compared to concrete removal and replacement.

It is an efficient repair option that improves both form and function. Whether the deck is damaged or just needs a better look, resurfacing is a good choice.

There is no limit when it comes to patterns and designs. You can use patterns on the entire deck or on chosen areas like the pool deck coping. You can also incorporate two different resurfacing methods on one deck, like a stamped overlay on the coping and a spray texture on the rest.

A resurfaced pool deck is very easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

Highly Recommended Coatings and Overlays

It isn’t unusual for pool owners to consider traditional materials, like tile, to cover up concrete pool decks. While these are efficient, it involves costly purchases and time-consuming installations. Why don’t you check out these options and find out why they come highly recommended?
stamped concrete pool deck
Stamped Concrete Overlay

This overlay is one of the most popular options for pool decks because it is more economical than a traditional stamped concrete pool deck. The overlay is laid over the existing deck, stamped with the desired design, stained, and then sealed for that extra layer of protection. This is ideal for pool owners who want something aesthetically pleasing and, at the same time, slip-resistant. This option offers a wide range of patterns and designs, some of which replicate the look of natural stone, bricks, and even wood.

slip resistant spray knockdown finish pool deck
Spray Knockdown Finish

This cool deck resurfacing coating is installed via a spray-down system which involves the use of a hopper gun and trowel. You know how unique a stucco drywall looks? This yields similar results but with a more subtle texture to make it easier to walk on even with bare feet. This acrylic concrete coating comes in various colors but it can also be stained to your desired hue. One notable trait of this coating is that it stays cool to the touch, reflecting heat back instead of absorbing it.

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Costs vary for each and every resurfacing job, whether it involves a new pool deck construction or an old deck renovation. The size of the pool deck is one of the main factors. The more square feet involved, the more costly it will be. The type of material used and the method of application will affect costs, especially if it requires specific tools or equipment. The amount of surface preparation needed, be it cleaning or repairing the concrete slab, may incur additional charges. Any additional service to customize the pool deck will incur charges, especially if it requires a skilled artisan.

Pool decks need to always be in good shape not only to keep them appealing but to make them a safe surface, especially for kids. We at Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. understand the importance of a pool deck so we make sure that we have what it takes to help you out. Our work specializes in resurfacing, refinishing, and repairing concrete spaces, be they indoors or outdoors. 

Concrete Coating Specialists Inc., has been Orange County’s Concrete Expert for over 20 years offering concrete services with an excellent reputation for quality & customer service. We will prove to you we do quality concrete work and we are confident that you can place your trust in us. We come with positive feedback from our satisfied clients who are certain to speak highly of the services we provide.

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