Protecting Your Concrete With Concrete Sealers

Most concrete contractors advise residential and commercial owners about sealing concrete floors. It would be best if customers know why concrete sealing Orange County CA services are important. Buying a concrete floor sealer and asking the people in the store about it won’t be much help as well unless they are professionals in the concrete industry. As a brief overview and guide, here are some crucial information about concrete sealers that everyone needs to know.

Why is a Concrete Sealer Required?

Both interior and exterior floors would benefit from a concrete sealant. However, outdoor floors need it more. Why? It should be in a condition good enough to be safe from stains, dirt, abrasion, chemicals, and outdoor weather. Concrete is quite a porous material and without a cement sealer, it would easily absorb liquids which may cause stains or disintegration within the concrete floor. Aside from keeping it safe from frequent concrete repairs, sealers also help enhance the look of the floor, making it shiny, matte, and the colors more vibrant.

Types of Concrete Sealers

  • Solvent-based Acrylic Resin – This enhances color significantly while providing a high-gloss, almost wet look.
  • Water-based Acrylic Resin – Enhances color moderately and gives a satin-like appearance. Although this is naturally environment-friendly, some solvent-based sealers are already qualified to acquire LEED certification.
  • Urethane – Often used as a topcoat, is available in matte and gloss and comes in a variety of finishes.

Getting the Best Concrete Sealer Results

It is possible to go DIY but it is highly recommended to let someone who knows how to seal concrete do it for you. This is to ensure that the type of sealer used is the right one, application is accurate, and results are not regrettable. After a concrete crack repair or crack filler application, professional concrete sealers Orange County CA contractors often apply a sealer after 28 days, making sure that the newly poured concrete is cured completely.

Sealers last 1 to 3 years before a reapplication is needed for floors that get used more often. After a concrete driveway repair, for example, a sealer would keep it safe and protected until the frequent passing of tires on it will fade some areas, so a reapplication would be required to keep it looking new and protected from damage. For floors topped off with high performance sealers, it may take 5 or even over 10 years.

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