Top 10 Questions to Ask a Prospective Concrete Contractor

It comes as no surprise that asking questions is the most effective way to learn. When looking for a concrete contractor, asking the right questions will aid you in learning about them and the process that goes into a project. It is crucial to making the right decision, avoiding fraud and any mishaps that might occur. Before you have a sit-down with a prospective contractor you’d best be prepared. Here are 10 questions to ask in order to make a confident decision in looking for a concrete contractor.

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How long have you been doing this for?

Years of experience probably mean that they work well enough to stay long in the business. Knowing that they have tried and tested techniques for handling concrete projects is a form of reassurance. You can also ask for client reviews to see if past projects resulted in customer satisfaction.

May I see your certifications?

When you meet a potential concrete contractor make sure to ask for credentials. Work only with licensed contractors to avoid fraudulent transactions. Ask to see their certifications and make sure that it’s in line with their field of specialization.

How about proof of insurance?

Look for proof of worker’s compensation and liability insurance. The former protects you from shelling out cash if damage is done to your property as a result of a contractor’s actions. The latter protects you from getting sued if a worker is injured or harmed in your property.

How much is the estimated cost of this project?

Of course, you can just dive into hiring a contractor without talking finances. Estimated costs can possibly vary from contractor to contractor. This helps you compare prices and determine how you can get the best value for your money.

What is your payment schedule?

It isn’t advisable to pay a contractor in full upfront. If a potential contractor insists getting paid in full right away, that’s probably a sign to bail. A reputable contractor will provide flexible payment schemes for mutual benefit.

When do you expect this project to be completed?

Ask for a detailed timeline to get a clear picture of when a project will be completed. Discuss the reasons for possible delays. It also helps to find out if the contractor will be working on other projects besides yours in the given timeline.

Will you be working with subcontractors?

Most projects will require more people to work aside from the contractor. In some cases, subcontractors from third parties will be involved. If that’s the case for your project, ask how the potential contractor qualifies them and if they’re covered by insurance.

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What will be the measures you’ll take to protect my property?

A contractor should ensure that they will avoid causing damage to your residential or commercial floors. Ask for the protective measures that they plan on taking. They should mention what they plan to do if there is an instance that will hold them liable for repairs.

Will the worksite be tidied up by the end of the day?

By the end of every work day, materials and tools shouldn’t be left on your property for you to clean up. Ask if you can expect to see the work area clean when they leave for the day. It helps to mention where they can leave tools and where to dispose of trash.

Will you be handling the permits and requirements required for the project?

A potential contractor should be fully aware if a project requires permits or inspection. They should be able to identify what these are and how to obtain them. A willingness to handle them for you is definitely something that should win you over.

Now that you’re equipped with these questions, make sure to talk to multiple contractors and compare their answers to get only the worthwhile services for your commercial and residential floors. This gives you a wider selection to choose from. Narrow down your choices to whoever is able to prove their credibility the most. If you’re looking for a concrete contractor in the Orange County you can visit our homepage to know more or read on about the Holiday Events you can’t miss in Orange County

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