Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing a Pool Deck

Whether you have an existing pool deck or building one from scratch, it is important to choose a design carefully. Sometimes, homeowners are overwhelmed with the numerous ideas available online and in magazines. So much that they end up choosing a design that they later realize isn’t the one right for them. Here are questions you should answer to fully determine the design that will suit your needs best.

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What Type of Pool Do You Have?

Basically, there are two types of swimming pools: in-ground and above ground. The latter are often built with wooden pool decks because it is positioned high above the backyard. As for in-ground pools, the options for design are far and wide. Being able to determine the type of pool you have will help set the expectations as to how many design options are available for you.

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What Look Do You Want?

The look you want should rely on certain factors like the exterior of your house of the theme of the house. Although it is possible to create a modern pool deck on a classic Victorian era-inspired home, it would look confusing and disconnected. If you want the pool deck to look connected to the rest of the property, make sure to think within the theme. If your home has a traditional design, think of a concept within that category, like maybe a stone or brick pool deck. If your home is more on the contemporary side, then geometric patterns with monochromatic colors could be one of the possible design options.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Cost is always a must-consider factor when it comes to any type of remodeling project. If your budget is unlimited, then choosing a design would be a lot easier to do. However, if this is an investment you are hoping would pay off, then decisions must be done wisely. If you have an existing deck, why not hire a pool deck resurfacing company to give you the look you want? Let’s say you want a stone deck but its price tag is making you stay away. Why not opt for a stamped overlay to acquire the exact look you want at a much friendlier price?

Can You Clean and Maintain a Pool Deck?

When choosing a material and a concrete pool deck design, you must consider the amount of cleaning and maintenance it requires. Busy homeowners don’t have time to do all the cleaning work and hiring someone to do it for them is an unnecessary cost. Instead, choose a material that does not get dirty and damaged easily.

Do You Have Kids and Pets?

Kids and pets are important factors when it comes to designing a pool deck. You must ensure that the deck is a safe enough space for kids to use especially when used along with the pool. Install railings where needed and have someone there always to supervise them. Choose a pool deck material that is textured enough to prevent slips and falls but not too much that it hurts to walk on them. Also, choosing a material that is cool to the feet is very important.

List down your answers to these questions and find a design concept that easily fits the bill. You can ensure that right after all the dirty work is done, you would be thankful that you took time to plan the pool deck with all these factors in mind.

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