Repair Options for Concrete Pool Decks

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Just like most concrete surfaces, swimming pool decks are prone to wear and tear, especially if it is used often and if it was exposed to harmful weather elements over the years. The actual repair requirement would depend on how much damage has been caused. If the concrete pool deck is still quite structurally sound, then minor repair options are available.

Pool Deck Refinishing

Refinishing is a more basic method of applying repairs to a concrete surface. This is also regarded to as a “touch-up” for repairing any damage on top of the deck’s surface, such as the pool deck coating, sealer, or color.

Resealing – Most concrete pool decks are applied with a thin coat of acrylic sealer to give it a little shine and to make it water resistant. The most common indication that a resealing is necessary is when the shine is gone and the surface has become dull. This is often required after every 2 to 3 years.

Recoloring – color on concrete often fades from prolonged sun exposure. A recolor is simple to do but must be done by a professional to ensure proper and even color application.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Resurfacing is a process of reapplying a new concrete surface to completely cover up major damage that cannot be fixed by a simple resealing or recoloring. The most common issues that would require a total resurface are cracks, scaling, or spalling.

Resurfacing Preparation

Prior to a resurfacing pool deck repair, the damaged concrete needs to be prepared to make it ready for an overlay or micro topping. So after determining the cause of the damage, pressure wash the pool deck to remove any dirt, loose concrete, or aggregate. After making sure that the deck is dry and clean, assess the damage so you can decide if it only requires epoxy fillers or if custom scorelines need to be incorporated.

An epoxy filler is a material that has strength that exceeds that of concrete, thus, making it an ideal repair product for concrete cracks. This requires hours of curing time, giving it enough time to seep into deeper crevices of the crack. After all cracks have been covered and the epoxy has completely cured, resurfacing can now be started.

Concrete Engraving

Concrete engraving is the process of staining an existing pool deck surface and then etching a pattern on it, whereas the etched part resembles a grout. This is similar to adding scorelines in an effort to mask irreparable cracks.

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