Is There the Best Time of the Year to Resurface Your Concrete Floors?

From pouring the concrete to repairing the minor cracks on the floor, this blog asks if there’s the best time to resurface the concrete floors. Here are the answers!

Truth is resurfacing is a convenient way to fix or restore the look of your sturdy and seamless concrete. And local companies like Concrete Contractors Orange County are ready to be at your service anytime!

All you need is to know what method or treatment is best depending on the season and the condition of yoru concrete floors.

Let’s get down to it!

When to Resurface Your Floors and What is Its Current Condition

Resurfacing methods generally involve applying thin layers of concrete on the surface f an existing floor. Sometimes, you only need to refinish a worn-out section on the slab. Or you might only need to patch a growing crack or apply a micro top on the surface. Let’s learn the best time to do each of these resurfacing methods.

Contractor applying wet concrete on an old surface

Pouring Concrete & Overlays in Late Summer and Early Fall

There is a reason why most clients and contractors would ask and permit them to resurface during these months. It is because the air is dry and humid from late summer and early fall.

Resurfacing involves pouring a layer of fresh concrete. If your overlays could wait, let a rainy season pass to pour the layer of new concrete. Rainy season can only cause brittle and unstable overlays for the lack of sunshine to help it dry at the right time.

The same goes for too much heat in the summer. It can also be challenging for the concrete. Curing could take faster, but the concrete can also be more prone to breakage due to the extreme heat.

Slow Curing Time for More Concrete in Winter

More heat means fast curing, but it can make the concrete crack. When resurfacing with fresh layers of concrete, the liquid cement needs to be slowly set. It is necessary to create a seamless look for the overlay and make it coherent with the old existing slab.

Also, if you use an aggregated coating, you need more time for the liquid components to set. Having too much humidity can destroy the process.

Fixing Bothersome Cracks During Spring to Late Fall

If you will do concrete resurfacing to repair a bothersome crack in the driveway, then the best time for this would be spring to late fall. Why? It is because of the mild temperature during these seasons. Concrete patches and fillers cure best at 50 to 70 degrees outdoors. Also, it is the best temperature to let a contrite grout adhere to the gaps along the concrete.

Cracks on floor

Basement and Garage Floor Resurfacing with Epoxy During Summer

Now, if you need to resurface the concrete floorings indoors, use epoxy. While epoxy is a fast curing, it is not friendly to high heat, and outdoors during the summer will not be suitable for epoxy coating surfaces. You can do this indoors, and if you need to fix your interior flooring, do it during summer when the heat is enough but is not directly hitting the floor.

Finishing Thoughts

There you have it! Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you can confidently have your concrete surfaces resurfaced any time of the year.

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