Your Concrete Resurfacing Questions, Answered

If you have a concrete patio, driveway, garage or pool deck that needs remodeling, this decorative concrete is the best way to start. Concrete resurfacing is the ideal option for renewing worn-out concrete spaces. Commercial and residential establishments gain substantially from the multitude of benefits that concrete resurfacing offers. In this article, we answer the most important questions asked about concrete resurfacing.

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What is Concrete Resurfacing?

When you want to remodel a concrete space the conventional way is to have the existing cement slabs removed. Then, you’ll need to have it replaced with a new mix of concrete and have the remodeling done as you go along. As you can imagine that process takes a lot of time, manpower and money. Now there’s an even better way to improve, revamp or renew concrete areas with concrete resurfacing. Resurfacing eliminates the need to remove and replace existing concrete slabs. Instead, the existing concrete is prepared for overlay application. Overlay systems are available in many decorative and functional variations to achieve a concrete space that looks completely new.

What are the different options available for resurfacing concrete?

The most popular options for concrete surfacing are stamped overlays, epoxy and polyurethane coatings, spray texture and acrylic coatings. These options have their own decorative and practical qualities. Your choice will depend on where resurfacing will be done and what you want to achieve for your concrete space. Consult with an experienced concrete contractor to know which one is the best for you.

concrete resurfacing orange county

What makes a concrete space acceptable for resurfacing?

There are certain factors to consider when assessing whether a concrete space is acceptable for resurfacing or not. The general rule is that as long as the concrete is structurally sound it is suitable for resurfacing. This means severe thaw damage, deep numerous cracks, crumbling and heaving disqualify a concrete space from the viability of resurfacing. In which case, concrete resurfacing won’t be able to address the aforementioned structural damages and concrete replacement is the best option.

How long does resurfaced concrete last?

The longevity of resurfaced concrete is affected by factors such as the volume of foot/vehicle traffic and normal wear and tear. Generally concrete resurfacing extends the service life any concrete floor or space. All there is to it is regular but minimal maintenance and you can expect long-term service from your resurfaced concrete for years to come.

If you want to reap the many benefits of concrete resurfacing, it isn’t advisable to treat it as a DIY project. Proper concrete resurfacing requires the experience, equipment, and expertise of seasoned professionals. Consult your local decorative concrete contractor. For Orange County concrete resurfacing, visit our homepage to learn more! We also have other blogs for you. Read on about the process of painting a pool deck.

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