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The 4 Most Scratch-Resistant Floors

(that doesn’t cost a fortune!)


Upgrading the flooring system is essential in building a home. Nowadays, property owners are eyeing scratch-resistant flooring. Durable floors raise the value of a property and provide a safe space for everyone to move on.


Flooring options include:


  • Concrete.
  • Hardwood or wood flooring.
  • Laminate flooring.
  • The vinyl plank and tiles with their own brand and styles.

However, there are questions as to which of the products is the best scratch-resistant flooring option. Your best bet? Concrete. 


All flooring companies offer their brand of classic decorative concrete design for interior floors, but let me tell you why it’s the best option for any home.

Is Concrete Flooring the Most Scratch-Proof Floor?

It is no secret that concrete flooring products would offer the best deal for flooring options for your home. This is basically life proof flooring. The material lasts for years and years and years(echoes: and years)…while being scratch-proof.


Worried about fitting it into the room design? This is an all-purpose flooring material with a variety of colors using decorative concrete strategies like stamped and stained concrete. Concrete is excellent for ANY room.


Even better, it’s so easy for parents and pet owners to clean any spill, poop, vomit; you know the drill. Concrete maintenance? Your contractor can quickly repair scratches, dents, and concrete cracks with patching compounds. NO REPLACEMENT NEEDED. 


Concrete floors would only need resealing every one or two years, unlike wood or laminate flooring, vinyl plank floors, or porcelain tiles.

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Other Scratch Resistant Flooring Options

1. Wood Flooring & Laminate Flooring

Hardwood floors and laminate floors are popular flooring materials as they have one of the best designs and colors. The laminate floor appears to be compressed wood. Unfortunately, both are not as lifeproof as concrete flooring.


Hardwood floors and laminate floorings are the best options for living room and kitchen flooring; however, wood has lower water resistance than most flooring options like tiles. Pet owners will have difficulty with this flooring.


A wood-look flooring option is costly to repair and maintain the wood look. Plank thickness must also be accounted for. Home surfaces need to be cleaned at the expense of the wood looks withering over time. 


Hardwood floors are not the best flooring option for home bathrooms and kitchen flooring, unlike tile or concrete flooring, as both are not waterproof flooring options. It would be better to search for other flooring options if cost is essential.


2. Bamboo Floors

Bamboo flooring is another flooring material popular among people today. Unlike hardwood floors or laminate surfaces, they offer better water resistance among waterproof flooring options for a home.


Bamboo flooring would offer a better scratch resistance than hardwood floors or laminate options, but bamboo floors may cost more for your home.


3. Vinyl Flooring

A vinyl tile is an alternative to hardwood flooring as it is synthetic. It has plenty of design choices too, and it’s cheaper than other flooring products.


Vinyl planks are waterproof like porcelain tile flooring, making home cleaning easier and pet owners happy, and vinyl tile is perfect for kitchen flooring. The surface may require little maintenance, but it lasts shorter than hardwood and laminate floors.


Much like its counterparts, it is not as scratch-resistant as hardwood or laminate surfaces. Luxury vinyl plank floors need to be replaced as they cannot be repaired.

What is the Best Flooring?

If an aspiring homeowner searches for something appealing and life proof, the life proof choice they would search for their place is concrete. 

It is no doubt that concrete products are the best option for flooring. Contact flooring contractor, Orange County, check your zip code, and floor your home today!

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