Tips on Selecting the Best Concrete Overlay Contractor

decorative stamped concrete contractor

Finding a contractor for a specific type of project may be quite challenging. Concrete overlay contractors, for example, are plentiful in the area but not everyone is qualified and reliable. You have to make sure that every aspect of what they have to offer is on par with what you are expecting to acquire. Here are tips you could follow to ensure the proper selection of a concrete overlay specialist.

Do Your Research

You can ask for recommendations but do not just rely on what information you are provided with.

Do your own research, too. It is best to take advantage of the internet to find reviews about local contractors.

If you have a specific project in mind like concrete overlays on a pooldeck, make sure to check if the contractor you are interested in offers it and has experience doing it.

Check for customer reviews about the specific project to see if they do quality work.

Ask for Detailed Quotations

Ask for bids from different contractors. This will allow you to compare prices. However, don’t just ask for a cost estimate, have them include the thickness of the overlay, any reinforcement they would be using, the colors involved, the sealer, used, and how much downpayment is needed.

If you could come up with other information that would help you justify their rates, please do ask for it.

Check Pattern and Color Options

How wide is their range of design options? It can be difficult working with a contractor if the choices are limited, even if they are the best in town.


It’s like forcing yourself to buy in a single shop just because it is the one right in front of you.


If you already have a color and pattern in mind, ask if it is available. Also, ask for similar colors and patterns that they could recommend. This will give you a glimpse of how well-versed they are when it comes to design.

Check Portfolio to Measure Skill

Contractors should have records of their previous jobs. It could be a photo album of the work they have done or a gallery somewhere in their website. Check their work and take note of how clean or orderly they do their work.

Do they wear the proper gear for overlaying? Are they using the proper tools and equipment? How efficient and meticulous are their artisans?

All these can help you measure the experience and skill of a contractor without actually asking them to do a demonstration. You could ask for a demonstration, too.

decorative concrete contractor
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