Ideal Shade Trees for Your Stamped Concrete Orange County Backyard

Who does not enjoy living amongst the presence of nature? A backyard full of trees that provide plenty of shade is an ideal way to do so. The benefits of planting trees are not limited to beautifying the surroundings. Trees also improve one’s quality of life as it promotes fresh air. Not only that, tree planting significantly contributes to the environment. When considering planting trees, it is important to consider the area where the trees will be located. In this article, we discuss the most ideal shade trees to plant in Orange County Backyards.

camphor tree

Camphor Tree

Because of the warm weather of Orange County, the Camphor Tree is one of the most distinguished trees one can grow in the area. This tree hails from the Asian countries of China and Japan. It spreads greatly and reached a height of up to 50 feet and even more. The foliage changes color throughout the seasons but remains beautiful throughout the year. The Camphor Tree’s foliage is distinctly light-green and changes to pink, bronze or red.

fern pine tree

Fern Pine

Also known as the East African Yellowwood. Aptly named so because this beautiful tree originates from Africa. It is one of the most impressive shade trees grown in Southern California. One of its most ideal qualities is how it is free from insect infestation and disease. Its foliage isn’t problematic because of the small needle-like leaves. On the other hand, it takes a long period of time to fully mature.

magnolia grandiflora

Magnolia Grandiflora

This tree is one of the most well-known and recognizable shade trees in Orange County. It is an evergreen tree that can grow up to 100 feet. In Orange County, most Magnolia Grandiflora trees grow at least 70-80 feet. This is a bit short for its maximum height because of the lack of rainfall in Southern California’s natural climate. A smaller variety called St. Mary is preferred by some. Flowers of the Magnolia are white, fragrant and can reach up to 8 inches in diameter.

brazilian pepper tree

Brazilian Pepper Tree

This small shade tree hails from the country of Brazil. It is ideally planted around the garden and patio area. One of its notable qualities is its ability to thrive on the watering system present in lawns of Orange County. The Brazilian Peppertree’s foliage is described as dark, shiny, dense and evergreen. It requires pruning to minimize the tendency of cross branching and overgrowth.

Here are the best trees you could get for your stamped backyard. If you haven’t gotten yourself a concrete patio or you have a patio but it needs some color, try our concrete resurfacing services at Orange County Decorative concrete! We’d love to help you with your concrete patios and other surfaces! Intersted in learning more about home improvement? Read about how to repair any pool deck cracks and damages.

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