5 Signs You Need to Repair Your Pool Decks

Like an ordinary day, you walk by the poolside, enjoying the view and feeling the cool touch of a concrete deck. You begin to feel a bit relaxed. You do not feel like plunging into the waters. The smooth, delicate touch of the cold decks is just enough until, ouch! 

Your toes get stuck between the tiny gap on the decks! It’s a pool deck crack- seeing that tells you that you probably need to have a quick chat with your local contractor, Pool Deck Repair Newport Beach, CA.

It’s a good sign that you can remedy these types of deck damages before guests come to your commercial pools. Also, prevent the worst from happening if it is your loved ones’ safety on the line.


Read on! Aside from the cracks, is there anything else to see? Yes, and all the common ones are all ahead.

Five Common Signs that Tell You Need Pool Deck Repair

All will start with a minor flaw as tiny creases and will grow into a full crack. Cracks can lead to breaking the entire slab or, worse, eroding concrete. Those problems are not easy to see, damaging the concrete reinforcement. 

Get to know which are other common pool deck issues.

1. Cracks

The most common and often talked about is cracks on the decks. Of course, to make this quick, cracks appear as thin as cobwebs that seem to decor the surface. What you need to figure out next is what are types of pool decking cracks. So you can tell that to your contractor and have them come and visit your site.


Most experts would not give significant concern when shallow cracks appear. But have your worries come down the water when you can tell finally that a crack requires repair. 


A common repair to this would be resurfacing or crack filling.

2. Stains

Next are stains. These are damages to the concrete coloring, which is often fixed with restaining or polishing. Commercial pool decks will often encounter this type of damage. Guests and people gather around the pool. Sometimes the area is used for parties and other social activities. 

Expect that food stains, mud, and dirt from the ground will get stuck on the surface. Various compounds can cause hard-to-remove stains on the decks and eventually require resurfacing or a simple polishing.

ink stain on the floor

3. Losing the Texture

A pool decking will lose its slip-resistant texture due to heavy use and constant foot traffic—another common problem for commercial swimming areas. 


Luxury pools and other high-end eater leisure spaces will install a cooling deck. A classic Kool Decking will also frequent LA and OC homes. 


Modern houses have classic spray texture or the knockdown finish. 


These types of concrete castings enhance surface functions. When your ordinary pool deckings lose their decorative coating, you may resurface them with the knockdown finish or the spray texture.

4. Flaking

Flaking is also one way to tell that the decks are deteriorating and need change. You can not put back all the flaked and chipped concrete surfaces. The best way to fix this is with overlays.


That issue tells you that the slabs are losing their protective layers, and soon, moisture and water may leak inside the slab and cause the concrete to corrode later on. Flaking happens when the surface gets contrast exposure to the water. The surface or the top layer of the deck weakens; thus, it flakes or chips away. Having this problem is a red flag. You need to hurry and get a professional to resurface the concrete.

5. Structural damage

Lastly, and maybe the worst issue that can happen to the concrete decks is structural damage. This only means that the problems exist on the surface no more. The worst is happening at its core. Structural damages require professional work. 


A pool decking contractor will need to fix the damaged reinforcement. He may also need to perform complex restoration jobs like slab jacking.


Structural damages tell you that the concrete’s sublayer had been severely damaged. It also means not to try to DIY fix but offer the decks a professional solution from skilled pool contractors.

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